Friday, April 15, 2011

The many facets of lies

Its a fact in this country that there are many people out there who rely on texts or scriptures without realising the context behind why certain statements were made. Its even so for people of high authority to utilise such powerful and religious text for their own selfish glory and slothiness.

An update
I love my Job and my Job loves me.HAHA. Special thanks to my MM~! Especially Melissa and Chang Yeh for always pointing out the wrong in me. ^___^ Joanna for your newly fueled leadership and Food Knowledge. Thank you for all these access to your lives so far. More importantly to my Boss, Robin Tan and Ashlyn for being there for JNP family.
Its the countless blessings i thought i will never ever find in any Financial Company come through.
Speaking of which the dreams that i actually thought of achieving would now come clean. Public Servant? Saint of Singapore? Life is Seasonal.

Alma Mater and Pajigwad
I am totally of tracked for the greater good of my personal growth. My manager ever shared with me before. When it times to be serious and focus on reaching and hitting a goal do whatever it takes. "If" you can juggle with other responsibilities by all means go ahead.
HAH ~ no Alma Mater and BGRs... Thank be to God.

Lentern Journey
Sins are plentiful and going back to APC of Abstinence Prayer and Charity, its working at least for me. Sins are plentiful but at least i am not so hard on myself. My faith unwavering and yet losening up myself. I'm glad things happen though it was sure painful. I was even joking with Teresa one time that i have developed a new muscle on my heart from all the events.

AND I LOVE MY X10i Actually, i will never shift to Apple! LOL~! And no matter what people said about my HP, i am not here to chase Technology but make Tech Companies chase me. I aint a Consumer, I am an Investor. And thats why i got my FAVOURITE X10i which i have been eyeing for 2 years already. Its amazing how it still has itss value after 2 years.

For people out there who do not know me and think i am someone trying to make sales? Give yourself a break. If there business why not, otherwise do not judge me and treat me like everyone else. I'm a Professional not a pest.


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