Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pajigwad Rover Crew Recruitment

Appealing to all ex- patricians, ex- uniform group members or to all special people out there.

Ever wanted to have adventure with service and self discovery?
Ever wanted to do the above with a very low commitment level?
Ever wanted to be part of a global community where you have sisters and brothers around the world?

If you fit any criteria above, we want you! Be part of the Pajigwad Rover Scout Crew.
You may e-mail me at ho_rey@hotmail.com with the subject: Rover Scout Crew.

Gee..... Publicity and promotion. This is what matters when one wishes to market a new idea, programme, class, etc. across. Fancy having to do this during the study break of Polytechnic schooling.

Anyway, to share my thought about an article that had a Policeman attending to a bus passenger for not paying his bus fare. Why is our society filled with selfish individuals whom just wish to mind their own business. To make matters worst bringing the driver into the picture as he had delayed everyone. It was his duty anyway to ensure passengers contributed their small fare. Maybe it was his fault for not informing everyone about how long it was going to take and for stalling the bus in the middle of the road. If only we had more citizens who were willing to put their nose into the matter and help this poor chap with the bus fare, the matter would not have gone that bad.

Sigh .....Singaporean behavior... Disturbed.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Changing Ideas

As old perception make way for new, important moral values that have been once imparted through the community, family and friends are changing.

Gone were the days where conservative topics are discussed behind closed doors.

Gone were the days where groups who do not follow the natural law would be despised by the public for their behaviors.

Is the rate of change too fast for its people? We have seen its effects on other countries.

If people could only foresee the psychological repercussion of what their doing now ahead.

As much as I can do, I can only pray for more committed and loving families ..........

A Pictorial Update ...

Jann Jann's Brother Jonn Jonn ... At the birthday party ....

Jonella's small birthday cake ... Gee her smile ... Lol!

Ettiquette Professional Image .... From Left, Dong Ping, Sandy, Faz, Myself and Din.

Part 2, Restaurant Manager, DBS Banker, Narrator, Client 1, Client 2.

The celebration of Puggol at Little India.

SLR with her DSLR. ^_^

Disgusted look towards the Cow dung and pee. LOL!

Retard LS and SLR... ^_^

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


School School School .... Just an update i guess, life in Singapore Polytechnic (SP) sure is getting boring. Taking part in a Co- Curricular Activity (CCA) in the Student Mentor Academic Relations Team (SMART) as a member may make my stay in SP a little meaningful. Well, be it meaningful or not, I will be out of the polytechnic this coming March 2008. For now, i will have to prepare myself for 2 tests namely Tissue Engineering Module and Macroeconomics Analysis. After which, i am to use the study week for preparation towards my 4 examination papers of Business Law, Financial Markets, Fundamental of Finance and Credit Risk Analysis Administration. (In order of seating)

Actually, i am looking forward towards my Industrial Training Programme (ITP) at CitiBank Millenia Walk. Though i have heard many ugly news and stories about how the staffs in CitiBank treat their interns, I rather that kind of work life then to go through this terrible cycle of lectures and classes for the moment. A breather one would say.

Gee, i guess emphasis on Church and Scouts have to slow down till i am done with this nonsense.

Will put up a photography update soon.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Another Good You Tube Film

Hmm for all the FFVII fans out there...

Well well well.....

P.S. I tried blogging an earlier entry but my computer had to suddenly restart. Sianz.. Forrest Gump...