Monday, October 30, 2006


Gee what a tiring week. Here's the update.

Just assisted in the Survival Course Workshop. Did not really understand why i was one of the two chiefs in the camp. Perhaps it was the frequency of the number of meetings i attended. My reflection, i guess the course could have been better if there was a syllabus and structure to follow. Coming up with your own syllabus is sure hard and the worst part is it does not link with the others. My lecture on the other hand should be improved. Sigh! I personally feel it was too dry for the Scouts.

Well, looking forward to the Survival camp so that at least there is some closure i can look forward too. Demands is not a problem as this camp only requires facilitators and instructors to inspect and carry out tests. Simple huh? Moral of the story: As you go up the ladder, more is expected. I guess this is seen everywhere. Your own family, school, church, scouts, etc. Lol! I quote my friend Mark " You will die early if you tire yourself so much now!" Guess there is some logic in that. I guess one aim for 2007 would be to be only involve in one project per area.

Projects and Activities involved: Katong Survival Camp 2006, KID Recreation Game 2006, Unit Leader Training Advance Course (ULTAC).

Mum aint happy that i was spending too much time in church. I personally think it is also draining me due to the travelling distance and also study time is cut. No doubt there was spiritual growth in the process, it was not very healthy still. Anyway, my faith grew. So did those around me. However i seem to always get this strange equation in this faith of mine. Good + Bad = Neutral. That is all the negative things that others and i have been going through. Its all part of faith and practising it to overcome obstacles.

Projects and Activities involved: Youth Mentors, Youth Music Ministry, Cathecist Con 3 and Con3 Camp.

Yikes, its week 6! Two more weeks to CA1 Test and i am not prepared. Not only am i not prepared, there is also a Financial Markets Report Submission is this Friday. ArhhHHhhh! Etiquette Professional Image Portfolio is also not done. School's new system is killing me slowly. A pity i have to go through another 2 more semester of this crap along with this one.

Projects and Activities involved: Class Representative, SB Championship: Captain's Ball, Attending Talent Time Finals

I have to spend more time with my family, girlfriend and myself yeah. It appears that i am giving so much of my time that i have little time for myself and home. My mum even used the same sentence at my once again where "You should not treat your house like a hotel, where you come and go as you like." Driving test is this thursday. I would really like to pass and clear it once and for all so that there will be no financial strain on myself and those around me. Although it is good to obtain skills, anything that requires feeding of money to have its like having a parasite next to you. Oh well! Must clear with less then 10 points!

Projects and Activities Involved: Driving License.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tired ....

Work Work Work ... Sigh! Its only Week 3 yet i feel so tired down.

Could it be the numerous number of visits to church for the different meetings such as the youth prayer meet, youth mentors, cathecist planning session for camps, youth music ministry.

Could it be the amount of School work that is given especially with the datelines of projects like EPI (Etiquette Professional Image) portfolio, a report on the Financial Markets or the study of the external trade situation of Malaysia for Macroeconomics.

Could it be the time spent for helping to organise and plan two katong district events namely KID's Recreation Game and Survival Camp.

Could it be the stress level that comes with the 2nd attempt examination for the Traffic Police Practical Driving Test ?

I seek refuge in the Lord my God..... (Father, open up the grace and determination held within me to serve you)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Photo Update....

My Darling!! The Trip to the Japanese Embassy!!

Water!!! With some interesting reflections

Weird looking me... (Caught by SLR)

Youth Guys at work at our new home ... Kenji, Remus, Terence, myself and Marcus.

His whiteboard!!

Whiteboard vandalized with signatures.

At the Superstar Muscial by Singapore Polytechnic. Jason, Desmond and Sophia!! Odd Looking people!

Group picture!! Gee stupid bubble spoil it only. Must be the rebound of flashes.

Arh ... The day when it hit PSI 150!! Shit Darn Neighbours!

My specs closed up.

My youngest cousion Derek!

OOOoOOh DPF 2B 01!!

Our magnificient China Study Trip Board!! Our Trip Rocks!!

Lol!! Chris hmm wonder what are those chinese words.

DiDi and Sophie !! Lol happy birthday to you heh heh!!

Nerdy and malay look alike, me hehe....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Update ....

School life is moving towards the direction of becoming hectic once again. This kind of interferes with my pace of doing work. Then again i might be affected by what is known as procrastination. Probably its the difficulty of trying to cope with school work when you have the whole of one week focused on another event. Adjustments and adjustments. Need to get things right especially my Financial Marketing Module in which i have no idea what i should be looking for in the Tutorial. Thanks to Zun Kit and Mark majority of it is done.

Sigh, it is something where you must save money and put it aside so that one will not get fiancial strap as what is happening to me now. Well, i must pass on the 2nd November!

Well, even though trainings in Pajigwad have halt for the examinations, it is still tiring to know that there is planning needed for an event otherwise known as KID Recreation Games to be held on the 25th of November. By Gods grace, it does not really intefere with the plans i already have thank goodness. Well plans may be a little sketchy but i am determine to make the event come true and a success!

Church and Christianity
Well, call it an invitation or being a host, Qiu Ling came over to OLPS to experience what mass was like at 10.30. It was not a very good experience as she was not seated and not as close to the altar where a person ought to be if he or she wants to know more about the traditions of the Catholic Church. Well hope she left with a better understanding of what the Roman Catholics practice. Also, i have been reading a book in relations to scouting. Titled Rovering to Success, it is almost like a guidebook (Not to be taken as a guidebook as mentioned by the Author) and a wealth of experience from the founder of Scouting on Rocks (Known as Obstacles) that may be met along the way for any teen towards adulthood. It sort of spark my spiritual side towards Scouting. It is really a great book and if there is a possibility do take it up and read. I got one here though will be finishing it soon. (BTW, if i complete this, i have finished about 4 books in my life)

Youth Mentors, Youth Music Ministry and Children and Teen Cathecatics Ministry
Will be planning for Mentors Session this week. Something known as balance brought forward in accouting terms. Lol! Well resources? I got God, Terence theme on Honesty, Bible and Internet. Hope it will leave an impression of the true meaning of what youth mentors really in when Catholeague is dropping by to join us. As for Music Ministry what is a man with no music background doing there. To aid in the reformation of this lost youths who have no idea where their heading. Come to think of it, it is only a handful that may need intensive formation. Looking forward to December to see what can be done for my ministry. Lastly CATs ministry, have a camp coming up for the Confirmation 3 Teens! The team will be planning this wednesday and thursday. I will be attending only the thursday one though due to mentors on wednesday.

Geee. Ms. Djie is away and today would mark day 9 of 16 days. Glad to know she survived a typhoon when i read it in the papers. Strong winds cannot bring my girl down yea! Well missing her yeah just feel like both of us are like MIAing (Missing in Action) now oh well. Happy 17th Month and 2 Days!!

With Hazel Sister Haze suspending upon Singapore airspace, it seem to have made my health worst. With irritations to the eyes and throat, it could have been prevented. Thanks to our "Friendly Neighbour" in Asean. Beside the air, i think my legs are giving way soon. Especially so for my right knee. Giving out sudden mild strikes and a weakening sensation to the whole knee. Told my mum about it and we went to the doctor yesterday. Dr. Ng was unable to comprehend the problem and figure out that an X- Ray would do the trick. I really wish it is just a normal knee sprain and nothing esle more serious then that.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

6 October 2006

A day with so many happenings yet God has always been at my side.

Woke up in the morning to find many of my other cousins sleeping. Kor however was patching up some game in Colin's computer. I guess i was fully awakened when Ms. Szetoh asked me about my attendance in assisting for an event. I was delighted to assist and was intending to inform her on the day itself on Thursday. I guess it sort of slipped my mind.

Went on to bathe and changed into the attire which symbolises purity and death in the family. I went down to have some porridge and was welcomed by the music played by a funeral band. It was filled with melody and rythmn. But sigh, something major is going to happened later. Not sure if i was ready for it. Time flew and the funeral march pass band came over to play a awakening call i guess for my grampa as they beat their instruments. I on the other hand was praying my own way and trying as much as possible not to become deaf.

More tears were shed and i too shed some. Although there were many distractions, it still cannot stop the fact that someone has passed away and would have his body and coffin burned to ashes. I was sad yet am suppose to be happy he is at a happier place. Well dinner was nice having some teochew dishes. It was a nice feeling as the families all gather round to have dinner. It has been a long time since one of such size was made. Soon after that, i had to rushed of home by taking two buses and a train ride. This was quite disappointing after having found out that 5 minutes later, my family returned home by a car!!!! Well, rushed quickly with my attire and headed for Farrer Park MRT station where Sandy would meet me. I guess the timing was right and everything fell into place.

Superstar - SP First Musical was a big bang. It had symbolise the wishes of the majority of the teenagers in Singapore where they would want to be seen and heard. It had a unique form of Singaporean humour and i dare say that this musical is great. Maybe it is because the songs were made by Jimmy Ye. (Sophia is crazy over him) Lol! Well upon returning, i met a few people Jamie Xie (My Michaelian Classmate)at University Cultural Centre NUS, Eileen, Enli and Joycelyn at Outram Park MRT Station and lastly Mr. Haze from Indonesia. All except the last were really nice people to meet. As for Mr. Haze, it got so bad that i have switch on my air conditioner machine about 30 minutes ago.

Well before i end of i would like to thank those who came for the funeral, JC, DiDi, Sophie, Ah Kit, Susan, Teresa, Roy, Terence, Marcus, Jason, Bryan. I would also like to thank for all those who prayed for my Grampa!. Thank you so much. Hopefully, you would still keep him in your prays. May God bless you and your family.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

In Loving Memory of Grandpa

Gong Gong, the man whom spend most of his remaining life in a room likes to drink hard liqour. In his younger days, he would give each of my cousins and myself sweets and candies. This would result in a long queue for it. He smoked but like what many of my relatives say it isnt the bad kind of tobacco. Sigh. He passed away on October 2nd 19:55hrs. There were many tears shed. Now his body lays in the Ng household for a 5 day wake period till this Friday.

Period of Mourning .....

Monday, October 02, 2006

And so she leaves .....

Leaving at 1.10am this morning.... She is off to Osaka for a photography study trip. Wish that she will enjoy and take care of herself. May God bless her too on her trip to Japan. Going to miss her for 16 days. Sigh...