Thursday, August 24, 2006

Familiar Campfire Song?

Down the way where the nights are gay
And the sun shines daily on the mountain top,
I took a plane on a cruising study
And when i reach Hong Kong i made a stop.

But i am sad to say, i am on my way,
Wont be back for just 12 days,
My heart is down, my head is turning around,
I had to leave a little Stef in Singapore.

Sounds of winds just everywhere
And the dancing plants swing to and fro,
I must declare my heart is there,
Though I've been from Zhuhai to Shenzhen

But i am sad to say i am on my way,
Won't be back for just 12 days,
my heart is down my head is turning around,
i had to leave a little Stef in Singapore.

Laugh Out Loud! One of my favourite campfire songs. Anyway this entry is for the much anticipated China Study Trip to Guandong Province. YohoO! Yup will be away from the 27th of August to 7 September. Will miss that little Stef in Singapore yea!! ^__-!! YuPZz So Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First Class Outing After Sem 3...

Hmm what was suppose to be a class outing at Sentosa where all would get drips of perspiration and sandy legs, ended up with a dinner at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). I was dissappointed with the turn out. I wanted at least 75% to turn up for the outing but it ended up with barely 25% of Class DBF2A01. Also, i hope that should the class want something else apart from the original plan, they should not fear to speak up. Sigh. Nevetheless, i enjoyed this day i guess. ^_-!!

Snap away by Patty ^_^

Mark and JunXIan ^_^ at NEL

Some discussion between JunXian and Wilson ^_^

The 16 Piece KFC Crispy Chicken Family Feast.

Feasting ^_^ Part 1

Mark looking as analytical as ever.

When people move to fast ......

Willy and Pat ^_^

Chill out at Starbucks Part 2 of Outing. This is where most people met up and where we spent most of our time at. Gosh, it was a brain draining night with all the weird puzzles.

The six cups which totalled up to about $35! Wohoo..

Heh heh moving rather fast again!

Patty and DiDi^_^

Sneak shot from afar ^_^

Zunic and Trey ^_^ (He kinda pop by with a girl who look like the younger version of Ms Tan Yen Yen) Lol!

Group Picture 1 ^_^ hmm... Jun Xian was blocked. Anyway from Left Mark, Willy, Zuni, Patty, Di Di and Me ^_^

Group Pic 2 ^_^From Left, KK, Furly, DiDi, KJ and Sek

Vain Guy Number 1 ^_^ Zunic

Vain Guy Number 2 Willy

Vain Guy Number 3 Ho Rey

The Eye That Seeks For Answers To all the Puzzles that was going on!

Thank you guys for making this particular outing special. And seriously, should your not have turn up, it would not even be called a class outing. Special thanks to Sandy, Patricia, Zun Kit, Mark, Jun Xian, Wilson, Rishi, Kee Kien, Felicia, Kun Jun and Sek Leong! (Gee its only 55% of the whole class!)

^_^ Thanks, hope to see more class outings with more bonding. ^_^

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lost ...

The vicious feeling of being thrown into mortal sin. It is although one is clouded by thoughts of being over protective and that the reliance of God can not really be felt. I guess like what Mother Teresa have said, " The greatest poverty is the poverty of loneliness". I felt so lonely and lost today. This is what i brought upon myself which probably filled me with guilt and feelings of being uncleaned.

That is i guess the shallowest description of how mortal sin actually feels but if given a choice i rather sin venial than mortal. The feeling is terribly heavy.

I am lost for words and seriously seek for a confession. Apart from my spiritual well-being, although i am proud to be Singaporean after watching those snippets and clips of the past and of National Day celebrations, i am rather disappointed upon hearing that no attention have been given dysfunctional families in Singapore after the Prime Minister's National Day Speech.

It is an existing problem found in Singapore and it will continue to grow. All the time there are speeches about improvement to internal and external infrastructures, using the digital age, focusing in new industries such as biomedical, making use of talent and instilling patriotic values of the Singapore Story. What about the moral values that are seen within our youths. Dissappointed and upset and that made me even more lost then ever.

To fill so cold in the early evening. A feeling as though no one actually cared about the social system in Singapore. With all these feelings however, Mr. Lee actually inspired me with one example of a graduate from SMU who would wish to give a Scholarship to an Accounting Student to show gratitude. This gave me ideas to think about and i would like to do the same.

To give a scholarship to 2 needy students who have done academically and cca
wise well and have come from a dysfunctional family in St. Patrick's
School. The scholarship would be priced at $1,000 each.
This arrangement thought of would be the first draft and would be given more thought as i start working. I am confident that it will help students like what De La Salle had originally wanted.

Another factor that got me really upset would be the anticipated low attendance for the Class Outing tomorrow. All in the efforts to foster class bonding and friendship which the class is in dire need. Plans would be modified to suit these change i guess as suggested by DiDi and Patty. Not sure if i should be looking forward to the last day of school though.

Overall, I am dissappointed as to what is going around me and with myself. =(

Monday, August 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Deary ^_^

HmmZ a short lunch at Qi Ji Shaw Building at Beach Road ^_^. Accompanying us would be

Auntie Laksa

Brother Teh

And Uncle Popiah. ^_^

Feeling the need for some Starbucks coffee, we went to the nearby outlet and ordered a Java Chip with Irish Cream. Come to think of it, even though Java Chip is superbly chocolatey, I still prefer my Mocha Frappucinno. Yeah!

My darling next to the 18 year old Djie Chocolate Truffle Cake. ^_^

And there goes the cut!

Marking out the licking zone with the knife ^_^

One of the many presents received on 10th August 2006.

Guest star appearence "Drum Rolls" Mr. Polaroid 620.

On the phone under the Marina Square Building.

Two very good friends Enli and Yilynn ^_^ (Now i spelled it right)

Just afew points not mentioned in pictures. We also went to watch a movie together. It was titled Hard Candy (M18). The whole movie was rather psychologically disturbing. But Nevertheless, a rather senseless show. Lol! So not forgetting, a cherry grape (not sure) bacardi and lime magarita was bought so that my dear could show her identity card. A pity they did not ask for it. ^_^ lol! Well Well Happy Birthday my sweet deary!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Kids Carnival - ChickenFied Day ^_^

The Interiors of the church canteen

And there is the backdrop of the stage ^_^

Wow! What a crowd!

My tiger buddy!

The rabbit marcus....

Cows in action!

Getting cranky after all the heat!

Act cool darling!

Cow and Chicken!

Chicken making trouble!

Chicken making trouble 2!

Chicken making trouble 3!

Chicken making trouble 3!

Chicken making trouble 4!
Exciting and enriching! I hope the kids of OLPS enjoyed themselves. The preparation made by the community is great yep! Oh well have a chicken national day heh heh!! ^_^

Monday, August 07, 2006

MA1 Shock ....

Sigh! The understanding and time wasted to see a 12.1/30 for Macroeconomics Analysis Module Test. What a terrible feeling to see 17.9% marks thrown away just by a simple click of the mouse. Dissappointed =(

Well total marks attained for MA1 including the above test would be 37.1/55. If i were to take my project and participation marks into the whole sum, i think i would barely touch a B grade! A 4 credit subject flush down the drain. (I screwed up my Malaysia Economic Growth chart FYI)

Now to continue going on studying for understanding cross cultural diversity (UCCD), customer relationship management (CRM), electronic commerce management (ECM), financial accounting (FA) and banking and financial institutions (BFI). Hmm towards a 3.7GPA!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

What Kind of Coffee Drink Are You? Tickle Test...

Rey, your coffee drink is Smooth

Easy does it. That's how you get through life. Not one to get caught up in silly dramas or frivolous gossip, you've got the grace and elegance to know what really matters. That's why your signature coffee drink is as smooth and refined as you are.Calm, cool, and oh-so-collected, friends know they can come to you when they need a sympathetic ear and solid advice. You're a natural when it comes to making friends — and keeping them — since you're so trustworthy and real. With your confidence and composure, you can't help but be one smooth operator no matter what curveballs life throws you. And that's exactly what's going to take you to the top. Stay cool!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Wondering why so many entries?

I guess i have been rather inactive in my blogging but yeah this 3 new entries are an update of what have actually been going on. So just to write my thoughts for today. I was rather upset that the fact i was not able to do a proper job for my group in the Macroeconomics Analysis project. Distraughted and even ashamed of my attitude of not being able to help support my friends even though my group was late for submission. Instead i panicked and displayed a very childish behaviour. Sigh! This sadness was further added when i have found out that i have made my girlfriend upset yesterday with my comments. I was feeling very very low. Despite all this, i have a little reflection on the train.I realised my daily prayer life have been neglected and am still upset over the war at Israel. All this thoughts almost made me break down infront of my friends. Lol! (I just remembered Marcus mentioned that if one were to breakdown, they would become stronger.) Now how would a guy like me suddenly break down in the train. So i scrambled away my thoughts and went insync with my friends and started talking.

They were accomodating, friendly and observant. It is especially so with this two guys Zun Kit and Vincent.

Not forgetting Patricia and Sandy too for being there for me. I became so much cheerful thanks to them. But you know when you become alone again, such thoughts begin to cloud your mind. I am sure many of you would know what that feeling is. Well whatever it is, i must salvage the situation, make things possible within my reach and study for my test.

Sandy and Vincent ^_^

My friends from DBF2A01.....

With spirits, cheers, joys and so much interesting sharing.... It is really fun to be with you guys. Really! Even after getting a

I am still encouraged by your actions and support. Thank you so so much! Even though i may be irritatible and annoyed at times, your help me. Thank God for you all.

RLS - My Girlfriend

The Sunflower of Joy and Happiness..... given by

The one who writes .....

and thinks of the month ahead for design, competitions, friends, exhibitions .... etc.
This is my girlfriend Stefanie Djie.....