Saturday, January 26, 2008

Less Than a Week

Its six more days to freedom from school! Hmm as much as i speak about freedom, i don't think its possible to be free with courses and projects to take up. Lol!

Yeah, just looking forward anyway.

As to updates as to National Service (NS), i have gotten a VA letter from Hendon Camp. Goodness!! Not to sure as to how to react. Mum ain't very happy with it where as for me, a sense of excitement and adventure awaits.

The only thing i am afraid is turning back into the sadistic fellow i used to be. LOL!
Oh well, until it comes.
Treasury - my favourite module.
The last module to end semester six.

Monday, January 21, 2008

New Look Same Good Stuff.....

Doesn't the title sound familiar?

Well, Its a refreshing new look I wish to adopt.
Meanwhile, someone save me!!!
Need more time to study.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Just 13 more days

Its just 13 more agonizing days to the unofficial graduation! At least with Business Development (BD) presentation now long gone for good, i can now slowly opened up the mess of worksheets and assignment that have been chucked one side and get them sorted out.

To now proceed with my revision plans.

Hmm just some pictures ^_^

The Japanese Language Centre.... Gee its really cramp here....

Okay i aint short! Lol! My BD Team and Mr. Boey ^_^

Saturday, January 12, 2008


In the process of climbing out of the manhole, i am faced with torrential rain that has made a slippery pathway out of the darkness. As i try to escape from this period of being moody and empty, i am halted by the barrage of examinations and presentation. Making this current journey all too easy as to just lie back and slipped back into nothingness.

Businesses Development Final Phase Presentation, Financial Planning ICA3 with International Trade Finance and Documentation, Mathematics for Business, Banking Law and Treasury Examinations. All of which i am not prepared for at this moment. 19 more days. Sigh...

Too keep the optimistic side of me, i have had some prayers answered yet again. Answers that was derived during Wyman's session last Wednesday.

Having a deprived childhood as well as coming from a home where i do not get everything i want, i realized i have already been given the best gifts from God. The gifts that i really wanted in my life.

The first is my Cub Scout Uniform, pretty much the only thing i ever owned at the age of 10. A gift that had given me hope, joy, love and faith. This does not include the Gameboy with Pokemon Yellow (which i have tried to save from my Penang Trip at Primary 6) and the Digimon Version 2 (Which eventually got confiscated by a prefect, i felt really stupid after that)

The second my Aunt Freda who has educated me about the faith which went in line with St. Michael's School and St. Patrick's School education. This of course led on to my Baptism three years ago.

The third is the gift of resilience, discipline and integrity all of which i have gained and learned to grow with over the years. I am just glad that these are the pillars of my life. Without this virtues, i would have really gone all the way to becoming a delinquent. Not forgetting the Shamrock Virtues which i have also attempted to inculcate during my Patrician days.

The fourth is the loving community of OLPS, Catechist and Youth Mentors Ministry which i found very hard to find in my own home. Thanks so much.

Thanks Father, Son and Spirit One. Please continue to guide me in my life.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


With the festivities of Christmas and New Year, at this present stage in my life i am feeling sort of low in my life. Not that i lost anything or been put down by someone. It just this emotional (Emo) period yet again.

The reflections of my current self with those around. About how death is quick and easy. About how i have not been spending quality time at home amidst the workload at school and the other commitments.

Well hope this Emo period will pass by quickly. Meanwhile, can someone give me a strategy on how to beat a computer opponent in Shogi? .....