Thursday, July 26, 2007

Its Time ^_^ .....

One World, One Promise...

100 Years of Scouting ...

A Gathering of Over 40,000 ...

To Hallmark This Centenary ...

With a Goal in Mind to Make a Difference.

(P.S. My First Ever European Trip.)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Samaritan of My Day

He was brought up in a humble family with 3 Sisters and resided in Norfolk Road before the LTA took over. He worked his way through Cambridge Primary and headed on to Thomson Secondary School.

It was that very place that he picked up survival skills. It was that very place he became independent yet discipline. He was a Scout. A great boy scout who was led by Mr. Tan Teck Tin. I guess it was there he grew maturely. As what one of his sister would say," he was very persistent in his Job Week collections and he ensured he covered every door to door".

Although his family was trying to makes ends meet, they need not have to struggle for long as he was determine to accomplish something. He carried on to Singapore Polytechnic and completed his studies with a Mechanical Engineering Diploma. He spent a few years in Phillips and then proceeded on to the Singapore Exchange. It was a tough life at first as i remembered vividly of his 4 room flat apartment at Cambridge Road with a pick-up car. I still remembered him driving my family home as i sat back behind his pick up with the wind gushing through my face in the cold dark night. After a few years with that experience, his pick- up became a hatchback car. Other than my Dad's Cab, his was the next air-condition car i ever sat on at that point in life.

Closing the Cambridge Road Chapter, he moved on to Upper Boon Keng to own a 5 Room Flat Apartment along with a brand new continental car, an Audi A4. I guess after battling through the odds and meeting the right friends and customers, he has finally seen growth in his endearing journey from his humble background. It was also at this location where he has gotten his BMW 5 Series. Though riches and wealth have been pouring into his family, quarrels brew and I was determined to be self sufficient so that i could help my own family. This did not come true. The upper boon keng episode ended with a sorrowful end with my Grandma (his mum) passing away. Life has to go on and it cannot stop this man from proceeding on with what he set out to accomplish.

At the Thomson Euro-Asia, life was picking up for everyone as he gave everyone the opportunity to try out the Condominium facilities (Second to my Third Aunt). Though it was small, it was cosy and i was sure that every household was bonded. This enjoyment lasted for one year only and there he embarked towards his first private property at Countryside Place. It was a beauty and i love that place very much. Though my grandpa (his Dad) passed away, life still has to go on with him growing much stronger each day. With several distresses within the family, he grips it together with his Wife with love for his sisters. He is my Samaritan and i truly know my life is indebted to him. He is my Uncle Francis Ng.

This all happened in the span of 20 years 2 months and 15 days of my life. He was one of the key factor that brought me into Scouting. It was he that enforced the Weekly Sunday Gathering.

Monday, July 09, 2007


It was incredibly unimaginable and great.

Though the tag above did not offer me much to do on the day itself, the expo segment excited me and gave me new insights into Christ and his presence in my life. Thank you Father.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Archdiocesan Youth Rally Along with Live Earth Day

Concerts for a Climate Crisis... Rally to empower Catholic Youths...

We have the key to our future.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Updates on Rey...
Amazingly, i lost my wallet twice this month. Amazingly, some kind soul would return my wallet before i realized it went missing. Thank you so much and i thank you Lord for granting such kind souls to this world though its filled with so much filth, hate, ugliness and vices.

On the other hand, i think i may be dying of stress. It appears to be showing on my face huh? Eye bags and a tired look? Hmm, i find it so difficult to comprehend that my body is going down that i require my communities to remind me.

With regards to results, Banking Law 55 (D), Corporate Finance (C), Credit Risk Analysis and Administration II 72 (B) ... Beautiful huh? *Sarcasm* Gee worried.

My PTN aka my BKG Law Lecturer mentioned that I am too distracted. That was so true. Yikes!

A Stress Free Life is So Difficult to Obtain.

Monday, July 02, 2007


Life is unpredictable in its own ways.

I just find it difficult to get back to the discipline self i was once. Time definitely not allocated sufficiently for studies and projects. My tired self creating a weightless boundary over my head. My body receiving jolts of energy only to be dissolved away. Severe case of fatigue? Maybe. As i make occasional glances into blank spaces, my attempt to stop thinking to allow my mind to rest would just not flush away.

Mental tiredness on the first day of term 2 is simply unacceptable. To add on, lack of time spend on tutorials as well as dozing of in classes is simply going to bring about the poor attitude towards my studies. Its going to reflect on my results this Mid Semester Test. Already a 66 marks C+ for Corporate Finance.

The coming Jamboree may cause even more uncertainty towards my studies.

I seriously hate this feeling.