Sunday, September 21, 2008

Less than 12 hours

Its less than 12 hours i will be making my way to Boon Lay area.
Its less than 12 hours i will be attempting to get used to my new home.
Its less than 12 hours to 3 weeks confinement.
Its less than 12 hours i will be the lowest of Military Rank in the SAF.
Its less than 12 hours my dream of becoming an officer would come true.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Its OCS......

Reporting to SAFTI MI

We have
OCT Nicholas Wong, OCT Tai Bin, OCT Eugene, OCT Song Lim, OCT Victor Shi, OCT JiJin, OCT Chen Wei, OCT Joshua, OCT Nicholas Yeo, OCT Jason Loy, OCT Jun Rong, OCT Wei Yang, OCT Handoko, OCT Jason Tang, OCT Aaron and OCT Ho Rey from Platoon 3.

Congrats and all the best towards June 2009. Cheers~~~!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Its POP........
Now given close to 2 weeks of block leave, i need to re-energize myself from all that training. To make it a even more pressing issue to rest, clubbing two days in a row would simply just drown me. Not to mention that the music wasn't as fantastic as before.

With regards to posting, i will only know on the 19th of September. Hmmz.... Oh Well..... Mean while... All the best to Sek Leong, Sek Hoe, Wilson, Mark and Phileo as they too join us NSF! ^_^

Sunday, September 07, 2008

2 more days ....... *POP*

The Infantry Song

We are the bedrock of our army
Wanting to keep our people free
Committed to the independence of our nation
We are the men of the infantry
There will never be a mountain too high
Or a route too tough for us
We are about to rule the day and darkness night
We will never rest till the wrong is right.

We are a special band of soldiers
Raised to guard our nation's shores
We based our lives upon a set of seven values
To defend our nation's cause
And when our country says she needs us
We are always there by her side
We will protect the lives of every Singaporean
For Singapore we will give our lives.

From the land, air and sea
We will strike our enemies
They have called us the queen of the battlefield
We are brothers in arms
We are brothers proud to be
We are the first the one and only infantry.

These is the song that is to be sung on my POP. Its two more days less than 24 hours in total to remain on that island. Just a 24km road march and a graduation parade. ^____-!!!!

Just to side track a bit, i think the St. Pats campfire just fizzled into thin air.

A tribute to Platoon 3 for giving me the opportunity to hit Platoon Best. Thanks fellas!!