Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Bells Tinkling and Trickkling ...

Oh Christmas Tree oh Christmas Tree .......

Well Christmas day was well celebrated with a Mass that brought so much meaning to this world right now. A recollection of our Saviour's birth and now "Emmanuel" (God is with Us). After the mass i was asking myself why was i so uninvolved in Church lately. Even the sound of caroling was not all that great. Something was missing but thanks to the Eucharist i feel on track now.

Spending time in that chaotic foyer where screams, yells and roars of season greetings get exchanged. It would definitely set anyone who did not have the mood to be part of it. Phenomenal? Maybe. Anyway, i drove Remus, Joshua, Bryan, Melissa and my Girlfriend to the nearby bar at East Coast Park. I did not really like the idea as i will not be able to drink. But oh well. We went there and it was closed. Moved on to some pub by the name of Long Beach Hut. Over there we converse and my my, i was disturbed by Remus way of speaking! ARHHHH... Laugh out loud* Oh well, Had a glass of Shirley's Temple with Stefanie dear.

I was not sure but during the whole trip when i was driving, i did not feel at ease. It was as thought something was bugging and disturbing me. Could it be my sins? I wonder and thought about it. After that drinking session, i sent the couple and the guys to their places and drove to a nearby gas station to pump fuel. Gee, i should have pump $20 instead of $10 then i would not have so much extra fuel left when i return the vehicle. Well after that i drove my dear to Jalan Kayu to taste the prata there. Savoring it with my mouth watering tongue, it was warm and crispy just the way i like it.

After that, feeling a little shag and tired out, we drove on Eunos Link all the way to Yio Chu Kang trying to find a park to rest in. Failing to find a carpark, we headed to Bishan Park. There we took a short nap of about 2 hours in a stuffy and warm car. I was not feeling really good that morning. My throat was beginning to hurt, my head was feeling heavy and tired, i was getting pissed with myself. I should not have fired at my girlfriend that moment. Sigh. Well feeling apologetic, i wanted to spend time with her yet i was worried i would not be stable enough to drive. Furthermore, the car was not responding well and that i was on probation.

Driving home and parking in a car lot at 3B, i was called off to drive my mum back from Mustafa Centre. Oh Goodness! Well, i quote "God probably wants you to drive more" - Stefanie Dear. After that, i went home to rest. Oh it felt so good and comfortable to be sleeping on a bed instead of a car seat. Lol! All the way to 11, i tried the PIE to send my dear home. There were some hiccups but overall, i got over it. Its really fun to cruise around. After sending my dear home, i drove home and parked at the same space at 3B where my mum called and ask me to pick her up at United Square. Oh GOODNESS!! Again. After that, went home to take a rest by helping my mum clear the living room coffee table and audio system. Went to take a nap along with some antibiotics. After that, we had dinner at some Pu Tien Restaurant.

It was not the same restaurant but the food was just as good. I enjoyed my Christmas.

Days after 25th, i went for the Katong District Appreciation Dinner. I was quite disappointed that none of my team members turned up. Only Stefanie my dear who was my photographer turned up. Goodness! Feel so lonely there. Well met FBI there. Along with Albert, Roland and Lyon. Leaders leaders. The status really makes one feel old huh? Anyway the main highlight was the naming ceremony. Though it was simple compared to mine, the two who got their names really deserve it after helping the district so devotedly. It kind of reminded my naming ceremony. The two names, Sun Bird and Peacock. Both of beauty yet with very strong characteristics. LOL! I was surprised when Magdalene asked me that i had my scout name already! It kind of mean something huh? Well i am happy with my name for the name holds very deeply to my Scouting Life in Pajigwad and now.

Cheers ^_^

Friday, December 22, 2006

Need For Speed X'Mas Edition

Well it's Christmas time of the year again. It's not about the presents, the Christmas tree or turkey but the presents of each special individual around us. An Example I quote, "Its about the present of forgiveness one gives to another. Its about the present of joy one shares with another. The present of love that spreads and gives warmth. The present of hope others give to those less fortunate." This are the intangible presents we as a community for Christ should be focus on doing this Christmas.

Well other then that, i will need a Christmas tree at home at least. It feels so barren. Hopefully, i can get one tomorrow.

As mentioned earlier, it is the Christmas time of the year and i managed to borrow my Aunt's Hyundai Ascent. Its been two days of driving and yes, i can feel the speed and at the same time am face with some terrible drivers. I count myself as terrible too for i am not comfortable with this car and that there happens to be some problem with me trying to orientate myself with the acceleration and gears. Testing and testing. This are the tests that i make outside that driving range at Khaki Bukit and i sure do not know allot. Well learning as time flies. I pray and hope that overtime i will get used to the car and not be a traffic hazard. Speaking of which, those cars at 2.0 Liters who are so much bigger then mine sure know how to boss the road. Sigh!

Anyway, this car experience is till Christmas so i must learn as much as i can. Especially vertical parking without poles.

Ho Ho Ho~~!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

*By the way i am down with Fever and Diarrhoea. Not a very great experience.*

Monday, December 18, 2006

Unit Leader Training Advance Course...

The feelings in this camp sort of brought out the boy scout in me a few years ago. Yes, this is the camp that really makes you go down back to basics. The building of gadgets to assist daily living in a campsite such as washing area, clothes line, dish washing rack, equipment rack, flagpole, boundary and trenches. Almost the same situation as National Patrol Camp where torrential rain was expected. That created a very hard environment that we now as leaders for our boys find very hard to experience as there was no conditioning before. Clothes were soaked with rain, floorboards on which we slept on had ants and bugs. Mosquitoes were apparent as the after rain effect always brought them along. Experiencing heavy flooding making our shoes and boots soaked. Despite all these, Synergist Patrol made up of Jazreel, Sze Jia, Aru, Kang Wei, Hong Jian aka Jeff, Caleb and myself brave through it together. I have to say that i was weaker during this camp as i was not as my top form sadly. This was experienced in day 1 where equipment shifting made me really tired. This did not stopped me and i continue putting my best effort from day 2 on words of course with about a hundred plus insect bites the night before.

I really love the camp thanks to Mr. KC Lai. Even though the format was kind of awkward as it was catered towards the teachers, the experiences were special. The cooking of meals, setting up of a home, pioneering, orienteering, axeman ship, practicals on pressure lamps, the campfire, the Patrol in Councils, and the backwoodsman experience all gave that special boy scout touch. Well now that the advance course is over, time to start working on my wood badge scheme and maybe the Baden Powell Award as Rover Scout for Rovers.

The camp rocks!

Monday, December 11, 2006


The school term of 12 weeks is finally coming to an end. A pity i cannot enjoy the last 3 remaining days of school. Then again, i would rather a scout camp then to see the school break of for the Advent Christmas break. Yes, i will be attending the Unit Leader Training Advance Course (ULTAC) instead of going for Camp One. I feel its a big opportunity lost but i am sure i will be able to fit in back with the community.
As the Singapore Scout Law 3 states "A scouts makes friends establishes and maintains harmonious relations".
There will be a great lost in terms of speaking to God together with the other youths. That i feel is a big lost. Well only time will tell in His time. As much as i love Scouting, i dislike it when people tell me that scouting is of no use and time should be spend in church. Are the
extreme? God gave us strengths and talents in many fields. Soldier, doctor, lawyer, teacher, businessman, accountant, counselor, scientist, etc. In his decision, he did not want everyone to be a religious to serve in his garden. For anyone who has that ideology, should relook at his statement and his comprehension of what it is like to be a child of God.

In school, project deadlines are haunting those who have procrastinated a long time. As much as i would like to finish up my project,
No matter how efficient the leader or its members are at getting a task done, should any other member delay in contribution, the group will be held down.
Deadlines: Credit Risk Analysis & Administration1 this Friday, Macroeconomics Analysis2 and Etiquette Professional Image when school re-opens.

My darling leaves for Japan today with her family. Gee. Please take care of yourself in that foreign land. Will miss you.

This is the part 3 to the photography update.

My girlfriend vector this and two information can be derived from it. This guy is too old for an army man. This guy is a Caucasian. No comments.

The man behind the strumming and beating of musical instruments. Jeremy Goh.

The Captain's Ball Team Picture 1.

Picture 2. ^_^
In my personal opinion, although there was bad judgment done by the judges i would like to applaud you guys for showing good sportsmanship and team spirit. DBF2B01 2006/2007 rocks to the core!

Goodness, Mr. Leong has finally turn 18. Is that good or bad? Hmm....

Class picture for DBF2B01 2006/2007. The band of brothers & sisters.

Well, the class was reluctant to move, i had to do something. Lol!


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Photo Update (2)

The rain that came and went after thirty minutes. Pity the Cubs of Marlin have to leave halfway.

The catapults of KID Re-Creation Games 2006. Its interesting to see so many passer-by being attracted to it. But sigh only two patrols.

A perspective of a ball before being launch of the catapult.

The second team on board their catapult.

Tug - Of - War Cubs Version. From this point onwards, pictures are taken by event photographer Stefanie Djie ZiYing ^_^.

The Band of Brothers starring St. Stephens & Ngee Ann Primary Cub Scouts.

Competition among the Scouts. Pajigwad vs Seladang.

All watching with enthusiasm.

The effort and force used.

My event poster. Done by Photographer Djie ZiYing Stefanie.


Now for the big boys. Whole of Pajigwad Scout Troop Scouts Versus....

Pajigwad Rovers and Scout Leaders with the assistance of Ngee Ann Cub Scouts.

Hmm... What a fierce fight.

My two Assistant Scout Leaders (ASLs) which help me through the success of the event. Daryl (Motega) and Marcus (Sokittay). By the way its Marcus birthday so Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to Marcus, Happy Birthday to You you 19 Year old last teen year chap!

Bringing down the Scouts engineered machines by scouts.

Untie those lashings!!

Deconstruction, a new perspective.

The presentation of trophies and medals to winning participants during the KID Re-Creation Gangshow at St. Patrick's School organised by Selandang Scout Troop.

A simple yarn for a good "campfire" closing. By the blazing council firelight ......


Sunday, December 03, 2006


Projects datelines are on the drum row as term three comes to its end soon in two weeks time. Amid the rush to complete those projects and assignment, i am reminded of the first coming of my King with this first week of Advent theme "Hope". In my struggle to go through this period, it appears that doing something inconsiderate may be all fun, thrilling and "cool". These experiences however comes with a penalty and that is to continue life with a heavy heart. This is due to all the worries that one carries when he does not carry out himself for the love of others.
A confession needs to be heard soon.
Anyway, Happy Birthday to Cheryl ^__^ Hope you like the surprise! I have also cleared my interview! I will be doing my nine weeks of internship at CitiBank Temasek Ave 1 at Millenia Walk. I am grateful to God and Mr. Tan.

My 3rd attempt in driving appears to be alright with a few slow reactions. Gee, need more improvements.