Sunday, January 31, 2010

99 Days...

Its 99 more days to what many people term freedom.

Myself on the other hand am quite uncertain of what lies ahead as i have not gotten an entry into any Universities as of yet. A bleak future for someone with my GPA unless by some miracle, i would be entering a local university. My head tells me its good but my heart tells me its not necessary. So much for one "body".

Finances are much more stable as compared to a month ago. At least I'm treading on water taking in some fresh air with chlorinated water.

As superficial as each week passes, i seriously need to re-look into the parish i'm in. A happy and joyful facade is not something i long for. A parish where i used to think it was home. Now sermons that do not hit hard but are just what many people call textbook answers. Then again. Is it just my prayer life? Or have my spirituality gone down the thick dark sewers of the abyss.

Week 20 have not been a smooth one. As much as i would not like to say it but i believe i'm the cause of it all. Let's put our hands together and journey forward.

With all that is mentioned, its time to pack up and clean up for LNY ^___^...