Sunday, December 27, 2009

Feast Day of the Holy Family

To imitate the holy family calls for many sacrfices sometimes beyond our control.
To cause a seperation is an selfish act of personal freedom towards one's infant.
To remain in the "perfect family" with many fine hair line cracks of unhappiness spells doom for those within.

So then which is better?

As i sat among the last few rows of the pews, i pondered to myself, what it means to have the first community a family.

It was never easy to have a family that members truely cared for one another. But it was never easy to begin one anyway. Of which i myself start reflecting on what i desire.

So which is a role model father as thus far?
I would suppose Uncle Francis is the man... Oh well

On top of this my other half is having many problems with home. A dysfuctional home like the latter as mentioned above. When will there truly be love? In what most people call home a place of refuge.

On a side note, My bestfriend and a prick are going through what most people call storming. I wish for the best and do hope i do not lose them.

Its interesting how i find myself in this endless pit of pain right before baptism. LOL~!
*Snigger and laughing at one's pain* What a sadist...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Finisher of 42.195km

Though i would agree my speed aint fast, my ranking is at the seven thousand range LOL~!

Time of 6:26:17
Position 7504

And now to feature the Lion Command Team ^__-!!

CPT Ang Kok Hai 4:51:50 1664
CPT Louis Leow 6:01:23 6197
2SG Ng Yeow Hoe 5:34:31 4853
LTA Solomon Sia 4:43:48 1225
LTA Tze Kiat** 7:19:40 9419

*Positions are of Singapore Ranking
** He waited for me -___-!!

Sigh stoning in camp now haha nice and painful run.
Next Up~! Sundown Marathon 2010

My Sweet Love~! Thanks for the encouragement and your *spiritual* support LOL~!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Its My Race...

People always mentioned that life is like a race..
Well, I'm going for it literary.

All but in a few hours. Lets Go~!