Friday, August 22, 2008

19 More Days to POP

Field Camp Done.
Screwed up my SOC 8 though. Gee will be doing SOC 9.
I need to perfect my swing trainer to clear my SOC!

Whats left.
SIT Test
IPPT - Hmm i need to improve my new personal best of 10.30 to <9.44
24km Graduation March
Passing Out Parade
Drill Squad

Field camp was an experience with Platoon Sergent toying our willpower every once in a while. In the process of the camp, i have acquired many forms of discipline. The most important would be camp hygiene in terms of food consumption. My goodness! That day I had my lunch and puked out was one of the worse ever experience gained from BMT. I had my first ever "drip" in the Ops of Tent by Medic Fong. Thanks a million! A hell of an experience with a drip on my left and my wife Emily Ruth by my right. Will never ever forget that moment.

Another thing i am going to highlight would be my weekend fiesta.
1st Bookout Japanese Cuisine with Mum and Uncle at Central Shopping Mall.
2nd Bookout Filipino Cuisine with Elizabeth and Neil at Katong.
3rd Bookout American Cuisine at some place in Tanglin together with JC and her friends.
4th Bookout Paris Internation Buffet tomorrow at Marina Square with Section Mates.

Eating Fiesta!

Friday, August 08, 2008


Intensity is Increasing...
At the same time, i see my combat fitness improving.
Thumbs up for SOC training and IPPT.

I'm so looking forward to Outfield!
Meantime, i need someone to help me with the campfire!!
Thanks Jibendam!

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Count By The Count By The Left Foot Count Arh!
Can't Hear You Arh!
Shout Louder Arh!
That's Better Arh!
Altogether Now!
Come From A Company!
Famous In BMT!
Come From a Very Special Company!
We Fight For Our Glory!
Fight For Our Victory!
Fight With a Spirit Never Seen Before!
All The Way!
We Like It Here!
We Like It Here!
We Found Ourselves A Home!
A Home Sweet Home!

Thats Pegasus for me. Four digit number with P3102
That Number Equates to Pegasus Platoon 3 Bed 02 ...
Life is pretty much a blessing for me. A little easy and yet tough at the same time to some extend. Sometimes i wish i was in a company that demands more in terms of regimentation and discipline. Oh well! I am happy with my Section now with Nicholas, Kang Wei, Daryl, Paul, Don, Tyllison, Eugene, Edmund, Bernard, Paramjit and Tai Bin! The Best folks in Platoon 3. (Biased towards my section) WAHAHA! Well.... 6 More Weeks to POP!