Saturday, September 30, 2006

Anyone to hear me out?

Getting mix feelings today. A bit of joy, love and sadness. It was school, girlfriend and church.

Well what can i say, having an interesting law morning with Ms. Pansy Tan. ^_^ Her smiles are nice but when she is neutral, she kinda looks like a prosecutor waiting. Is that how most lawyers look liked? My friend also to some extend have that lawyer look. Oh well! It was a lazy morning with Mr. Ambrose shocking us with his new arrangement in the lecture theatre. It was unique! But sigh nah all in the effort of giving good education. Mr. David Tan? Well, as usual an interesting lecture for an interesting module. It is enjoyable yeah quite saddening when he shared one of stories of his colleague in a SilkAir Crash in 1997.

Lol! Lugging my bag around to assist my darling in shopping, we had subway, spinelli and old chang kee! All of which were how would i say classy! Lol! Enjoyed this day yup! I guess it is one of those meetings before she leaves for 16 days to Japan. Going to miss her. Sigh*

Well I was late and i am feeling apologetic. It is terrible when i step into that room. Taking into consideration i have only 364 days left, i need to do something about it. People were not giving their best. Distractions were frequent and there was alot of space given. For some, it was music and songs dedicated to their "friends" with little emphasis on Love and God. I wanted to do something but well what can a new member do but just join in the nonsense that was being carried on at the back. The decision made by someone also clearly state that the band and choir are two different entities sharing the same name. That is rather sad. Where is the one parish and one church that God has called out for! I guess my frantic cry for help was eased by the TaiZe chants in the verbist hall parish prayer meet. Greet and heart warming God again comfort me! Well Youth Mass tomorrow with a few task at hand! May God be glorified by the love of his youths in OLPS!

Oh and i think i am losing someone. Is it because of the autonomy of power given to someone or is it God's true gift of counsel that sounds so provoking. Someone has changed. Sigh ......

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

An Update of Today

Gee financially strapped now that i have driving, presents, MUSICAL and more stuff like eating to pay for sigh! Need some help here or some sort with God i guess. Getting late and i have not really prepared to sleep yet. Well here is a small update. ^_^ from the other days ....

Not too long ago, we decided to do Kite flying! Well successful on the first attempt and was really happy! Lol!

Here is some guy who has dropped by ^_^ My Paraclique. If that is what is called oh. He also taught me rollerblading for the first time. Wahahaha quite bumpy and clumsy yea!

A normal reaction by my victims. Bryan!!!

Remus with money! Hmm...

A time at David Weekend. Yup! A recharging camp singing. I like bananas, I know the mangos are sweet. I like papayas, i know that nothing can beat the sweet sweet love of God!

Hmmz.. RLS !!!!


Seng and his coffee mocha ^_^QQ from far!

Dodging the camera would not work! WAhahaha

Too late QQ ^_^ hehehe!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


School has begun. The days have been smooth and slow. There are many out there who are also trying to enjoy as much possible before the load actually starts crashing down on us.^_^ Happy 18th Birthday KeeKien, Happy belated 18th Birthday Sandy, Happy 21st Birthday Sophia in Advance! Gee when groupings became a topic again on Monday, my reasons probably for not rushing into a group quickly was because i did not want to repeat the mistakes done in Semester 3 which cause a rift in the class. I guess such things are inevitable in life. Oh well!

God and His Church
Well, on my part i have just finished David Weekend last weekend. It was great as i was reminded of God's love for me whether i have failed him many times over and over again. I was healed mainly feeling stronger then before to continue my baptismal vows. Well, i guess i am not meant to be part of the Youth Ministry Committee but called to serve in Youth Music Ministry. There have been many signs that have brought me to this stage of Conclusion. This decerning method would probably help me along my way in the future when asked to make a major choice for God. Well! Cheers ^___-!!.

Baden Powell and Scouting
Lately, i have been reading a book titled Rovering to Success by Baden Powell. Not so much of a guide book but a reference to someone who has live before and have overcome obstacles otherwise known as Rocks in the book. A great book for those who are not sure or certain of how life should be lived by. This is especially useful for those who are either Scouting or Guiding as he speaks. I guess the only problem would be that his examples are really old and that there are some old english verses that can be found in the book. I guess this book has empowered me a little on my Assistant Scout Leader and Rover Squire journey. Also aiding in my journey would be the signing up of the Advance training course towards Woodbadge and a overseas experiential encounter that is to meet youths all over the world for the World Jamboree in the United Kingdom.

Oh one more thing, my plans to switch myself off from Class Rep to someone esle failed! Lol! Darn. Oh well another semester to get by assisting the class.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Day 12

Before i begin, i am not sure but my spiritual life seems to be lacking something or some sort. Sigh oh well David Weekend this week. In God's plan and will.

So it was very much breakfast having Dim Sum on a very cold and wet morning.

This is the wet morning of Jordan in Hong Kong^_^. We decided to head down to Wang Jiao because we heard from Kevin that they sell really cheap electronics there. Something like 2 or 3 buildings of Sim Lim Square. Lol!

Umbrellas became quite of a necessity today. So QQ and Joanne went to search for Umbrellas to purchase. At first we thought they were going to shop themselves. Untill the late notice by Sek Leong informing us that they went to buy umbrellas for us. Gee...

In the MTR of Hong Kong. Does it look red or my eyes are tricking me.

Chris look shag here. So we went to Wang Jiao and purchase a number of items. Zun Kit got his thumbdrive, Chris and myself purchase a cake box of DVDRWs. Oh he also purchase a SD card too. Yup it was cheaper then usual and i wanted to purchase the San Disk Pro Duo Memory card. Gee! Out of cash. Well we went further down to purchase some CDs and music. I purchase a Mach 3 Turbo and a Colgate 360 Toothbrush. Seng Liang and Chris went to buy the original new release by Jay Chou. Of course receiving a poster each. After that shopping, we went towards the direction of our hotel and chris made purchase of boxers lol! We then went to Yoshinoya to have our Lunch! Boy was it cold and everyone was starting to feel sick. We all went back to wash up and got ready shift luggages! Heh Heh

This is the last scene of our Hong Kong Hotel yup!

Now that we are heading towards the Airport, everyone seem to be dozing off while i was eating my Kinder Surprise LoL! Yup Sleepy Xiao Bai and QQ!

De Bus wasss Queitt..

Sek and KJ knocked out.

So was Joanne. Lol! Actually Zun Kit also knocked out but darn he notice my camera. Lol!

At the Hong Kong International Airport HKIA ^_^

Some what similar to Changi huh?

Queueing up to check in. Yup!

Zun Kit and his Nim Jiom. Gee poor guy. His tube of newly bought gel was confiscated at the inspection at the gate area. What a joker. Lol! Kidding! Should have reminded him. Oh well.

Seng Liang and Lowell!

The four of us. With three of us leaving our names in Hong Kong. Lol!

Eating area! Burger King and Ben and Jerrys

Ramen and Dai Dee, wasting time away enjoying every precious seconds. After that we went around looking for Sophia's present yup! It was tough looking for it when Xiao Bai was engrossed with the Men's Health Section. Sigh. Oh well We went on looking around and also pop by a Disney Shop. Heh Heh! Got a last minute gift for someone hehe! Name shall not be disclosed. After which, we raced towards our departure gate.

Back in the train ^_^ Joanne and ZK

Chris and Zk!

Caught in the act. Lol! DUMBARSE

My facial hair was growing boy. Gee!

DFS area with our departure gate right at the end. Why is it the same as Singapore? Sheesh!

ZK and Joanne. Lol! Joanne caught unaware hehehe!

Sudden shot of Winnie the Pooh Lol! Yea!!! (Taken without permission lol!)

The flooring of the plane in the front.

The flooring of the plane at the back. During this night time, we ate our Dinner and apparently 2 of my grape fell off my tray and it started to roll about! Lol! Well picked it up. Also, i ordered a Starbucks Liquor when Wei Yang ordered that lol! Yup my my it tasted good. Not so sure why Zun kit and Joanne did not qualify. Oh well whatever it is, it was shared and i enjoyed the Eight Below movie. hehe ^_^

A shot outside the plane. ^_^ Can you seen the plan wing?

So this is very much my trip to China. It was fun and great and i really learn alot of things. I also made alot of friends and have grown slightly close to my Christian Classmate Zun Kit lol! Well upon arriving at the airport, i got a surprised that my mum was at the airport together with my aunt and her market friends. Gee weird. Also, Jason and Marcus was there waiting for me. Wow! Oh well another incident happened when i was moving towards immigration was that i was talking to Stef on the phone and forgot i was on the travellator. I tripped and BANG. lol! Wow a big bang but it did not hurt yup!

So it was supper at Newton. Thank you Jason for having drive me all the way home and Marcus to fetch me. ^_^ Yup appreciate you guys. Hehehe

Day 11

Its Hong Kong Disneyland. Disneyland a place i had always wanted to go when i was a kid. Now that i have the opportunity, i guess i really enjoyed the whole disney experience. ^_^ Love it!

In the morning getting ready to depart to Disney Land! Yipee! This is a typical guys room. Neater then usual though. See how squeezy the rooms are!

A roasted piggy. ^_^

The Disneyland Hotel. The place we check out before going into Disneyland. In here we met one of the management.

Acting like Mickey?

The trio of ZK, QQ and JT

Toilets worthy of princes and princesses.

Nice main hall.

Our very on DBF2A01 Sleeping Beauty!!

Kiddish Xiao Bai with his tigger and piglet. LoL!

Disney Presentation in Mandrain. So much for experiencing the magic. Lol! I don't even understand here lol!

Back at Disney Land where God has blessed us with good weather.

The 10 of us all excited and ready to dash off. LoL!

Closed up view! Gee Excited!!!

The girls at the front of Disneyland. The railway system heh! ^_^ Speaking of which i got a Goofy admission card. Gee wanted Donald but oh well.

A piece of america which i do not really care. LoL! (This is what happened when you bring kids slightly older to disneyland.)

Our first ride. Flying Space ship?

Second with a ride on Space Mountain. ^_^

Mad Sekky with a martian hat. Lol! He looked like some sort of magician huh?

The disney version of Stomp. ^_^

The gang of ten crepting on to a small little cup. Speaking of which, the tea cup ride with Alice in wonderland around the corner was a real spin. Lol! It was really fun when you spin the cups like crazy! WAhahahaha I was wobbling out of my tea cup when it was over. Luckily, i have not had a heavy breakfast.

Now for the Winnie the Pooh ride. ^_^ Gee Honey and more Honey.

Zun Kit and Wei Siong with Owl ^_^

The 3 girls with Piglet ^_^

Orwhhh! Arent those eeyore's cute!!!!!!!

The warped face horseman^_^ (Disney Hong Kong's Version of the Headless Horseman)

Lovelle and myself aboard the orange Dumbo ^_^

Zun Kit looking forward to a Safari Ride by the river. Lol!

The staff in Disney land were really nice. Especially for this guy to help us take this picture without hesitation. The 10 of us again!

In preparation for the March Pass! Cool! Finally gotten a chance to see it!

Myself and Chris ^_^

Mickey !!!!!

Plastic Soilders! I like to play Army Man! Lol!

Oh its Xiao Bai's Favourite Character Buzz Light Year!!!

Donald !!!!!!! Lol! He Rocks!

Our DBF Babies ^_^ hehe

Very cool yea? LoL! Act cool waha!

I cannot make it lah lol! Gosh !!!! Why is Cecilia behind me!

The guys shagged and tired in need of some adrenaline rush. Wahaha

Stitch adventure. It took us about 5 minutes to take this. All thanks to QQ for smacking Stitch's Head! Gee Lol!

Hmm more space mountain! We took this another 3 more times. Lol! Reason being they were getting lethargic and tired. So they needed somethng to pump their blood. You know blood rush ?

All the space rangers beside our boss lol!

Snow white and the seven dwarves. Oh my, all turn white.

The castle of sleeping beauty ^_^

Night life in Disney Land lol! It aint as happening as Mong Kok i tell ya!

Displays of Mickey and Minnie. Gee was quite saddened when i sacrifice my place for another kid. ^_^ Oh well its love aint it? hehehe

The final disneyland picture taken from the bottom lol! Yeah

Well after this picture was taken, not sure why i started chasing Seng Liang. I guess it cost him his shades. Sorry about that yea! When we took the coach back, we were very very satisfied with this Disney experience. Anyway, i got information that people wanted to go pubbing. Well i was gamed! But before that, i wanted to shop around i guess and wah lah! Joanne needed to find a luggage. So i assist her i guess, being her bodyguard at the same time. Gee we talk and talk. Lol! yeah It was quite a cold night and it started to rain. So i purchased a green umbrella. Looking at it, it looks really girly but oh well. LoL! She got the luggage she saw the other day and we headed back. Of course i purchased Big Mac on the way back as i was really hungry due to not having dinner. Upon reaching the hotel, helped Joanne with her luggage and went towards my room to enjoy my meal. It was not long when i was SMS by Zun Kit. I was just touching on my dinner!!!!! Well, i had to rush and yup that meant also reserving some fries for QQ as she was hungry. I went down to their room and yup we waited. Lol! It was long and i think Seng Liang wanted to murder Zun Kit for making him missed supper snack. Wahaha! Well there wasnt any pubbing in the end and thus i went back to my room to take a nap. That nap was so long that it went till the next morning.