Monday, December 31, 2007


Now to put up more updates on what on earth is happening to me as of now.

I have driven a Nissan Sunny, a Hyundai Accent, an Audi A4, a Lorry (In which i have forgotten the model), A Toyota Corolla and the latest addition a BMW 5 Series. Thanks to all owners of such cars for granting me the privilege to drive them. Thanks to my driving instructor Auntie Helen Ong, Auntie Cathy Ng, Ah Kim, Mr. Sultan, Gerald Ying, Daniel Teo and Daniel Chow. Thank you so much. ^_^

Over the span of the last two weeks, i have amazingly finished two titles by Mitch Albom. They are Tuesdays with Morrie which never fails to make me tear just like the movie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Thanks to Remus who actually introduced a different author as to what i am currently reading. If your have any suggested titles that are along the same kinda genre as Mitch Albom and Jodi Picoult do recommend? Yes? I may developed an interest in reading after all. Once i am more or less settled down, i will proceed to Mercy and maybe ninth teen minutes by Jodi.

Its the 7th day of Christmas and something tells me i am going to continue with this feasting craze. Of which i seriously thing i have been overeating here. Someone save me please!

Lastly, thank you Lord for 2007. For all the wonderful memories and events that had happened. It has been great coming by this year and i have no regrets. LOL! Cheers to all. Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Its been so long since i last updated. Attribute it to laziness i guess. Then again, wasn't responding very well two weeks ago. Hmm updates....

Well, i have officially eight more school study days before my examinations. I am so looking forward to it. Just imagine i not needing to step into SP ever again. LOL! Alright thats a little extreme. Speaking of school, the Student Mentoring Academic Relations Team (SMART) had their farewell assembly last Wednesday. It was enjoyable. So was the food. I guess in my heart personally, i regret not stepping up to assume such responsibility in a team. Gee. Too late right? Well let bygones be bygones. To add on to activities of school, i have officially enrolled myself in the Associate Financial Planner (AFP) Course by Financial Perspective and would be taking up Japanese I again at Japanese Cultural Society (JCS). This makes me wonder if i would have time to work and do my SAT(I) after my graduation.

Scouting. I would be having my Rover Investiture soon after an eight months lapse. Will i still have the same burning fiery desire to serve as a Rover like i used to. Especially when i have finally gone through the stage where Awards in the Scouting Fraternity have a lesser meaning to me. I guess its good to have but the true joy of Scouting at my present stage would be to just train boys into men. (Goodness i sound old!!) Also, after having helped out as a Junior examiner at the recent ASPIRE assessment, it made me ponder. With the current standards that is demanded of scouts this days, it is possible to produce a few more President Scouts in Pajigwad since God knows when. LOL!

Lastly, church and spiritual life. In the Cats Ministry of OLPS, its been confirmed that Fred, Marlene and myself would be representing Confirmation One level. I guess it would be challenging for me as an individual as well as a new challenge to develop this teenagers into people who know their catechism. Yes, its no longer those mundane old stuff where you sit in class and listen. I just want to strike something into those teens. LOL! Sounds like i want to bash them up. Wahaha!

With regards to spiritual life, i guess its an all time low at this moment in time. Advent Advent. Give me a way Lord...Sigh....

Monday, December 03, 2007

Wellcome Home

An Online Photo Documentary on a Journey To Jarkata seeking the Poor and Homeless
Titled: Wellcome Home
By Justin Ong

Do check it out regularly ^_^