Sunday, February 24, 2008


Rey waves goodbye to single hood.
Thanks Ynn for wanting to journey together.
As of 23rd Feb 2008.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Girl Guides Singapore, President


Dear Guiders, Guides and Brownies

1 As we celebrate another World Thinking Day, Let us take this opportunity to reflect on the meaning of Thinking Day. It is a time for us to think of our sister Guides around the world and to celebrate our international friendship links as well as to remind ourselves that we are part of a global network of 10 million members in 144 countries across the world. As fellow Girl Guides, we are united through our Promise and Law in this worldwide community.

2 There really is no other voluntary organization in the world that brings together girls and women from as many countries and backgrounds as the Girl Guides. Guiding transcends culture, religion, politics and age. We belong to a very unique worldwide community, united by the mission of enabling girls and young women to fulfill their fullest potential as responsible citizen ofs the world.

3 In Singapore, World Thinking Day Celebration is one of the highlights of every year. Our theme this year is very aptly "Discovering your potential - Every Guide a Leader". For almost 100 years now, the Girl Guides have been developing and empowering girls and young women. As we look to the future and the challenges we face, let us remember that Guiding is relevant today.

4 I would like to quote from a 1964 broadcast speech for World Thinking Day by Toh Puan Noor Aishah. "It is these valuable principles and rich knowledge that we have gained from Guiding that can help to give happiness in everyday life. It is open to anyone who is seeking this."

5 As we renew our Promise and give thanks today, let us commit ourselves to continue to develop and empower girls and young women to be the best that the can be and to be the leaders of the future, dedicated to building a better world for all.

6 I wish you a very Happy World Thinking Day and may you have another pleasurable year in Guiding!

Yours in Guiding

Mrs Joy Balakrishnan
Girl Guides Singapore

Singapore Scouts Chief Commissioner

22 FEBRUARY 2008

Dear fellow scouts,

1 2008 marks the start of the second millennium of scouting. We have just turned 100 years old and this is a remarkable achievement for any organization. We should be proud of this because it shows there must be something unique and valuable in scouting which is valued by so many countries and societies.

2 However we should not assume that there is therefore no need for change. Some may assume that if we have done well for a 100 years then we will also do well for the next 100 years if we continue to do the same. This is a fallacy and is dangerous. The world of today is very different from the world of yesterday. In fact the pace of change is now even faster than it was before and so the world of tomorrow is beyond anyone’s imagination. Are we prepared for this change? Do we welcome and embrace change?

3 Let me share with you a story about a cat in an Ashram in India. This cat loves the company of people and so each evening when the priest led his congregation in prayer, the cat would also wander around the prayer hall. The priest felt that the cat was distracting the devotees. So he tied the cat up every evening before the start of the prayers. This practice continued even after the priest passed away. Then one day the cat died too. The temple quickly found a replacement for the cat because everyone thought that tying up a cat during prayers is an integral and important part of evening prayers.

4 The story illustrates a key ingredient or pre-requisite before anyone can even begin to bring about change in any organization or practice. This is the need to examine and understand the rationale or reason behind existing practices. Very often we are afraid to challenge existing practices, like tying the cat in the story, and we just continue doing them even though the circumstances have changed. What is even more dangerous is that we start to create our own reasons for a practice that we do not even understand.

5 My fellow scouts, the word “scout” refers to a person that dares to venture into the unknown and to seek out new adventures and possibilities for his community. The world needs this true scouting spirit more than before because the future is even more uncertain as a result of the rapid changes that are taking place. However, we must be prepared to challenge our present practices and activities, understand them, and then either keep them or throw them away if they are no longer relevant to the present circumstances. Only then can we retain the true spirit of scouting and ensure that we will remain as the largest youth movement in the world.

6 Thank you and have a meaningful Founder’s Day.


Hmm, Congratulations to Singapore for winning the bid for the 2010 Youth Olympics! Finally, new sports facilities for its citizens to use. LOL~~!! It is actually quite interesting to find a write up by Reuters on how Singapore is to the rest of the world. Here is the short article.

* Singapore is famous for its tight social controls and restrictions on the sale of chewing gum. Homosexuality is illegal (but tolerated) and pornography is banned. Demonstrations are illegal, while public speaking and gatherings of more than four people require a permit. Reporters Without Borders' 2007 press freedom index ranked Singapore 141st out of 169 countries, after Azerbajian and Sudan, reflecting restrictions on the media and arts.

* Singapore has stiff penalties for drug use and a mandatory death penalty for drug traffickers. Singapore also practices caning for a variety of offences.

* The city-state has been trying to soften its image in recent years, with government ministers saying they want to create a "vibrant" city with more "buzz". It allowed some bars to stay open for 24 hours, permitted bar-top dancing, and held its first sex exhibition. In a bid to woo tourists and boost its image, Singapore legalized casino gambling in 2005 and is building two multi-billion-dollar casinos.

Yep. Well, i was speaking to Trey yesterday and we hope the Military doesn't mobilized us to protect these Olympiads in 2010. I will find it really weird.

Anyhow its World Scout's Founder's Day and Thinking Day and i will be putting up articles from both Chief Commissioner's in Singapore.

Monday, February 18, 2008

UpdateSss ~~~!!!

It appears i am taking too darn long to narrate my KL trip. LOL~~!! In short, it was a nice trip with plenty to eat and shop. The life. LOL~~!!

Well just an update on my current situation.

RC. Well, its lent and everything around me with concern to being holy is getting tougher and tougher as the days draw closer to Easter. Temptations and addictions are very much a sinners companion especially during this 40 days. Its difficult and tough yet with the reliance of God's love and his words, situations may turn for the better. I am still very much lost in this maze of life.
I caught up with my teenagers yesterday after a fortnight of not having to see them. People grow even during this short time.
Level representation ain't easy at all. Gee. Oh well. *Whines* LOL~!

Scouting. Well, its back to basics for the scout troop. With Sokittay and myself picking up the ropes yet again. To a path where scouts in my troop are groomed to become useful citizens of God and Man. Quite difficult huh? At the same time, i am getting testimonials for my service involvement towards the troop and international level. Am happy for one of my boys for coming close to receiving his Chief Commissioner Award. The 4th one since 2005.
You know, based on what Father John Paul had said, it is true that we all age according to time. It is also true that it is everyone's individual choice if he or she wishes to grow with age.
There are many who age but few who grow with age.
So as i was telling my Sec4s, they do not have a choice but be forced to go into pre-venturing. Every single one of them. It is their choice to become Ventures though. ^_^

Now as i wait for my results, i have finally gotten part time work at IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority Singapore) for three months. Ho Ho Ho ~~~!!! Results Results...... The results will be out by 27th February and I feeling really scared. Sigh~!
To drive my attention to something else, i have applied for NUS and would apply for SMU sometime in early March. Yep~!!!
If all goes well and is intended by God's will, i would be on my way to Jungle Hat, Red Beret and Stiletto.

Friday, February 08, 2008


It was a morning wake up call by Ms. D at around 6.30am. LOL! Think there was some lack of sleep some where but anyway, i went to wake up the rest as requested from Ms. D. Zun Kit slept like a log. Mark was much better being a light sleeper himself AnD!!!! ..... LOL I shAll not mEntioned wHat I SaW~~~!!...

We were not allowed to go for seconds once we left the breakfast compound. So it was an early morning with breakfast that was filling but not tasty. Sophia lated joined us while the girls proceeded to use the Jacuzzi and pool facilities. After we were done, we broke off with Jun Xian, Mark and Zun Kit using the Gym facilities while i used the swimming pool.

Oh my! Much to my horror, my swimming stamina has dropped by so much. Seems like swimming is more rigorous for the body than running. I need to come up with a new training plan. So i had an interesting interrogation by Pat and DiDi. Once it ended, it was down to my laps. In total i swam estimated 8 laps in total for the Olympic sized pool. Now the fun part comes in. I realized, i needed a key card to access the above levels as well as those below. I WAS STUCKED!!
I wanted to borrow the key card from those working at the restaurant but did not bother as it would look strange for a drench guy to do so. So i took the stairs down and told the Bell guy my situation. Nice and flexible, he let me in to make a call towards my room. My hero, Daniel Ng saved me!

It appears that the only person who was aware of my situation was Jun Xian who did not come to help me. Idiot. Lol! Well, i went on to bathed and then it was round two of shopping at Midland Valley. Supposedly suburban as compared to the city area we were in. A fifty ringgit note was all it takes for all of us to be brought there prim and proper with no mess of splitting up into four cabs.

Gee its getting late yet again. LOL!! Must enjoy day 2 of CNY. LaterZzzz ^_^

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bliss in Part II

Well enough of the food court. Once we had our filled. It was down to shopping. We started from the 7th floor as it appears that the 9th and 8th are very much deserted. No Ghostly appearances or whatsoever though. So it began clearing level by level only to find more and more ladies apparels. I wanted to get a pair of shoes but heck lol, it was kind of expensive. Moving on, we found ourselves at Metrojaya. It was a better place for me as i can very much tuned myself to its style. (Oh i forgot to mentioned. The people in KL dress like people from the West!) LOL! I went ahead to purchase a Tee and Bermudas after consultation from Zun Kit, Jun Xian and Mark. (You know! My dress sense is a total fashion disaster.)

It was Old Town later as we snacked on Ya Kun Kaya Toast food items. I snacked on the ice cream with Mark though. Ummm, Umm! The Blueberry Ice- Cream made me day. LOL! Come to think of it, it was the last few levels of LG, G, 1 and 2 that we found ourselves back in SGP ^_^. After that moment, we headed to our meeting point next to some bread store. It was a long wait with some miscommunication that have gotten the girls lost.

Later it was mission toiletries bag, where we head to some nearby hotel to reclaim what Pat's Bro's Friend left behind. Lol! After that short walk, we stopped by for some dinner. Hakka Mee! Yes! It was fabulously great. Its mouth watering yet not too salty. LOL! It was opposite to some IT building for those interested. After which it was more shopping as we head to some shopping centre that reminds us of Far East Plaza. It was gigantic though. Lots of F.O.S. shopping done here with Zun Kit and Jun Xian purchasing tops from here. As the shopping ended, we proceeded back home. It was nice to walk back as the stretch leading back to our apartments reminded us of a small part of Clark Quay. LOL!

Once back, we washed up and prepared for Zun Kit's belated birthday celebration. You can see more videos and pictures at my facebook account. Gee. That reminds me. THE CAKE WAS EXTREMELY CHEESY!! LOL Thats all for T+0.

T+1 for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, HongBao Spree. Need to come on with ways and methods to get more of it LOL! Ho Ho Ho Happy CNY to alllllllllllll ^_^

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The much awaited bliss~~~~!

Its the Holidays! Or rather the well deserved break. I'm still afraid over my Mathematics for Business grade. Gee. To resume my spring cleaning as soon as i can. Chinese New Year is like 2 days away.

Anyway KL trip was fun. Lol! Get a low down on what we did in graphics and video at my facebook account.

T-1 Day:
I spent the pre- event segment at the west amazingly. LOL! Well met up with Charmaine to chat over drinks. I was the only one drinking cause she is down with a bad cough. Well it was nice catching up with her. ^__^ After which, i met up with Patty whom was actually stoning at home. ARgg! Should have called her out earlier!

We took a train to Bukit Batok and waited almost an hour for the arrival of everybody. Zun Kit was the last. LOL! Well, we headed of to Wilson's place and wow, his house was nice and cosy.

With the Mahjong table set up nicely, they started playing while i proceeded to watch The Warlords on his PC. After all that, it was time for msn, e-mail and transformer time. That took up something before i eventually ended up on the Mahjong table. Lol! It was fun indeed. Oh well...

T+ 0:
After the game and a word of thanks towards the host, we headed to the nearby S-11 to have our breakfast. I think i was zonked out at that point of time ordering 2 cups of tea when i only needed one. It was finally concluded in that breakfast that Zun Kit was the cleanest among all of us and Jun Xian the last! Lol.

Taking service 187 and yet feeling happy and alive with no school (while mocking the school students around). It was funny yet i couldn't bring myself to accept that we are out of school. It was a moment of joy. Once we had arrived at our destination, we went on to play Uno upon the stairs to kill time. With dawn coming, it was (in order of appearance) Daniel Ng, Sin Ling, Ms. D, Sandy, Trey, Desmond, Sophia (& Jordan) and Daniel Chow. ^_^ It was at this moment, i felt fatigue kicking in. Stoning as a symptom i attempt to snap out of it by singing and moving around. It only resulted in people finding me more looney by the moment. Lol! The bus came and i was soon gone in thoughts journeying towards dreamland.

At the customs, it was awkward to find the only passengers of the bus to apply for permit to leave the country through customs. It was the same for the customs at Malaysia. With a smile and my cap of, i gotten my visa for 30 days around Malaysia on my biometric passport. The first ever stamp!!! Nice.

On with the travel, the bus took us on towards Berjaya Time Square with 2 intervals in between. Purchased the long awaited bubble gum for Patty and chewing gum for home. Gee was quite disturbed with the fact that the pirated DVDs were openly sold at such stop overs. At Time Square, we took a Teksi towards our Somerset Residence. It wasn't a nice feeling when i was crouching in a position so as to not get caught. Lol! Upon reaching, my goodness the residential apartment looked even better then my home!!! ARHHH!!!

It took us quite a while to get used to the apartment and thus our lunch was prolonged. So we embarked to find our lunch at Berjaya Time Square by taking the KL Monorail. It was queer finding myself on such a service. Upon reaching Time Square, we broke up into our own groups in search for clothes. Shopping Spree! Lol.

It was crazy having to go through 10 Levels plus 2 additional basement levels. The lunch was pathetic. (Try not to go to the Berjaya Time Square Food Court. It aint worthy it.)
Gee i feel like resuming another time lol.... Eating into my sleep. Cheers.