Sunday, September 20, 2009


Happy 12 Days My Love.. hoohoo..

Most likely flying to Australia on 6th November
Confirmation Program for Con 2 ends on 27th Sept with a Bang
Many uncertainties towards university directions
Might look up on Socrates & Aquinas
Finding time to complete handle with care and dance dance dance
On a lookout for Skype equipment
My brain needs to be dry cleaned...

Saturday, September 05, 2009


Sometimes having to have too much input without output keeps the balance in any system downright off. It appears that after about 1 year plus, the feeling of feeling like the whole world is against you and that for that some unknown reason, the heart just sinks. Is asking to be heard sometimes too much to ask for from someone whom can reasonably be good ear to others? As of now, principles are messed up, life have no better direction then before.

I'm just living by the days. Is that all? I'm afraid not. Most people ever mentioned that once your more or less there, life would more likely by smooth sailing. I beg to differ.