Saturday, October 27, 2007

Update... Credit Card...

5 weeks down towards the end of Final Semester.
Anxiously waiting.

A Night Cycling Trip from East Coast Park, Botanic Gardens and Labrador Park. ^_^

The first Credit Card transaction made.


Sorry i haven't been able to update my blog. Been focusing myself on schoolwork. ^_^ Will change my frequency soon once i have more or less become accustom to this current schedule.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Listening to Yui, Openings and Endings of Animations.
Doing tutorials, participating in classes and lectures.
Spending time with Church, Scouts and Friends.
Eating, Studying, Exercising and Resting.
Tiring as it seems, it should have been this lifestyle since Semester 1.
If only i had started of this way, i wouldn't be this tired.

I believe i will be able to adapt to this lifestyle soon enough.
All for the dream of a Well Rounded & Value Added Education.
On the drive to push my GPA up.

By the way, karaoke-ing is fun with the right group of people.
Calcutta! Taxi Taxi Taximan!

Saturday, October 06, 2007


The second week has ended and DBF3A01 will do whatever it takes to perform well for the last semester. That includes K. Ster which is something new in the DBF3A01 culture. Three hours of just pure laughter, songs and karaoke. It was great and i certainly enjoyed myself. I am however going to be remembered now as the classmate who send Calcutta by Dr. Bombay. Lol!

17 more weeks to end of semester examinations.