Thursday, July 10, 2008

Last Day ..... 8 hours away

Spend my last day going around Mustafa with my Aunt.

Got my Clock and my Torch. Batteries as well.

Ate Filipino food...... ( Which marks the end of a week long feast!)

Met JC at TTSH. Went to NYP. Catchup over Library Books and Macs! Way the go JC !!! Way the go Gal!!

LOL!.... Realise the feeling of being lost to freely express myself.

Well 8 more hours to train up to serve this Country.

On my honour,
I promise to do my best,
to do my duty to God and to the Republic of Singapore.

To help other people and to keep the Scout Law.

Its finally here.......

2nd Last Day

A last chance to handover certain items and words in the East Coast of Singapore.

Stefanie Bon Voyage!!!

All the best Pajigwad!

I'll Miss You fellow Mentors!!!


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ketchup! ^_^

Well it actually meant catch up!
I was visiting Charmaine and Aloysius today at NYP in the early afternoon after so long. Glad to know that their kicking and fine. LOL! Yeah! Its just so weird and funny though. heh heh

I later went home and then moved out to Marina Square Carl's Junior to meet up with Joseph Lee with regards to campfire discussion. Gee, its one of those topics where i will never be at ease until its over. After that heavy discussion, its more catch up time!

Its quite weird how the meeting point at Raffles Place MRT ended up at Maybank Tower. The outing group made out of Sandy, Jun Xian, Zun Kit, Mark, Wilson and myself rendezvous at Central Shopping Mall at 2030hrs.

Having Manhattan Fish Market's Giant Platter with a multiple of three, it was definitely a sumptuous and filling one. We stopped over at starbucks to simply chill out and drink.

It was great meeting you guys again! Will see Jun Xian and Zun Kit in Tekong! CheerioSss

Monday, July 07, 2008

Lunch at Prego Italian Restaurant @ Swissotel

It was a meeting that I did not anticipate at all after what happened in 2005 during the first two months of my time at Catholic Junior College (CJC).

We met up outside Mont Blanc at Raffles City and strode towards Prego, an Italian Restaurant @ Swissotel. Stunned and feeling awkward, I quickly thought to myself "Oh my goodness, i am under dress and Arhhhhhh!! its going to be costly!!!!!"

We spoke over lunch and catch up on what i have been doing for the past 3 years that we were not in contact. We spoke about his school, my faith, his students, OCS in general, protestants and WYD.

I was quite afraid of him then. As of now, he is simply a friend of mine.
Thanks for the treat Bro. Paul and all the best to your future allocation!

Friday, July 04, 2008


HmmZ Wednesday night was a great night with Wyman cracking our minds and experiences to the very same kinds of Mother Mary herself. Thanks Wy-MaN~!! LOL! Its farewell for Terence too for he needs to prepare himself for enlistment next Thursday.

Well the night did not end up a mambo night at all as Zouk was packed to the brim as what Trey and Jun Xian recounted to me. Next one we knew best was St. James Powerhouse! Unaware it was Ladies night too at powerhouse, it was more packed then usual too! Yikes! On top of that my first three hours of R&B music wasn't very much pleasant. LOL! Oh Well!

There was certainly a lot of drinking going on with some sudden burst of enthusiasm for familiar tracks! haha! The last 3 songs were good with a sudden moshing session from Wilson. LOL! Thank goodness the bouncer was lenient. I do not wish to recount what Jun Xian and Audrey went through. YEp! A good night where Trey, Zun Kit, Jun Xian, Wilson, Sek Leong and myself "celebrated" before the three of us turn ourselves next week!!!!

Sneak into Vivocity Part II happened yet again just that it wasn't all that deserted with cleaners roaming about and with apparently only one security guard in the whole vicinity! LOL! It was such a pity we couldn't take a picture with most of us using NS enabled phones. sigh!!!

We journeyed to Harbourfront hoping to find food. Much to our dismay, the Macdonald's was only 24 hours on Frr, Sat, Sun and PH! Cheers too was a let down. So what do you do with 6 hungry guys at the point of purging out their alcohol intake? LOL! Sek, Zun Kit and Trey left for home first while the rest of us settled for some food at Shell eventually instead of Hakim!

So that morning ended with Instant Noodles, Pokka bottled drinks, Oreo biscuits and stories of Cannibalism. *THANKS ALOT JUN XIAN* ..... creepy LOL!

Settling at home for 5 hours of rest, i journeyed back to St Pats to find out that the actual trial runs for plastic turtle race will be postponed to today as of 1 hour ago. ARGGg! Well it wasn't really a wasted trip as i had lunch with Mr. Soh and his stories to share of BMT! heh heh!

Made a trip to Woodlands to do some purchases. On top of that, catch Chris Cheah's FYP production "OrphanedL Through The Eyes" at Republic Polytechnic.
Though it was short and concised, it was good!! Yea! Went home for dinner followed by a muscular balm session before lights out!!

Thanks Ange for the accompaniment of SMS! LOL!