Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nikon Madness

Well, in this short craze. An update about myself.

I am licensed by MAS. ^___^
I am strictly a Nikon Fan.
I am biased towards Nikon.
I seriously want to start photography again.
I met a Youth Worker who works in Nikon Singapore.

Fabulous. ^_____^

My current perspective in general.
A Boy Scout would still be a Boy Scout no matter how difficult society gets. I am still surprise at my present juncture and ability to believe so much in this International Movement. I have many who tell me that their surprise that I am still able to make time to go back to Scouting. I guess its not so much of making time but giving back what the movement gave to me. I'll make it an aim to make a trip to Sweden in 2011 for the next WSJ (World Scout Jamboree) as well as make a detour to Milan for the WYD (World Youth Day). Let's see main reasons to rationalize my trip would be to be part of the IST (International Service Team), and to be part of the Singapore Contingent for WYD. I thank God for having allowed me to know that a passionate missionary like Brian Butler exist. It is definitely a great boost to my faith. ^____^ Its been 5 years since my Baptism/Confirmation and I am now at a stage where it seems I'm certain i just got the message of which vocation I am going towards.
True friends in this world are hard to come by. Okay maybe not the world but just in this small little island. Its quite interesting how the third scout law " A Scout makes friends, establishes and maintains harmonious relations" makes me see how certain acquaintances behave much better then the people whom you deem as friends.
I love my job. I am given the luxury by my Boss Mr. Patrick Tan the opportunity that many do not get to exercise the rights of a self-employed in the job i so love. The job of helping others not in just monetary sense but of their health and relationship with those around them. I do not really care if others are skeptical about this whole business but i would be bothered if they do not give themselves a chance to experience. Heh..
Thanks God the Father for these amazing gifts especially for the year and 4 days with my Sweet Honey Love.