Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Sigh i am not loving this third wave of workload. Although the workloads and demands are slightly lower then usual, we as DBF2A01 are tired and stressed from the first two waves. This stress and workload sometimes makes me want to just break down. The leading, the research, the role as class representative all contributes to this word "Stress". It really is a terrible experience. Ask me about ASPIRES mentally challenging task, this semester is worst as it occurs over 3 months as compared to the 5 day course. Priorities such as scouts and even girlfriend left aside. Sharing the same vision as Patricia, Sandy and Zun Kit I am so looking forward to the mid semester break.

Tired, Hungry and Screaming Within
Exalted Dog

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The SB Amazing Race

Before we started off ^_^
DBF2A ^_^ Yea! Alice, Kaly, Zun Kit, Sandy and Me!

The team made up of Sophia, Sandy, Zun Kit, Myself and our lovely and great "follower" Jaclyn! The mad rush of the morning made me recall the times when scouts were suppose to be prepared for the event of any rushy events. Laugh out loud. Even though we were tricked into finding an item at our trusty non-living thing in School of Business (SB), we confirmed the item with Jac and then we launched towards Dover Mrt Station. What an amazing morning run.

Before we start off, Jaclyn, Sandy, Sophia, Zun Kit and Me!!! =)

Wow top three teams on the train platform towards Bukit Gombak! We were sure we had the advantage. Upon changing the train at Jurong East Mrt Interchange, we waited slowly for the train to set off. To our disappointment, an additional 2 teams join us at the train. The heat was on! The doors open and mad SB participants scrambled towards the Hometeam NS. They ran and so did we. At the end of that estimated 150 meters, we sticked together and clocked in second place!

A place which i have not been to, we entered into a room and to our amazement, the next activity was a laser quest competition with our first place competitor. All sweaty and unsure of what to do, we stormed in and went to the back of the whole playing area. We camped and waited for our enemy. Darkness came and that techno song started the ball rolling. At first, it appeared that the opposing team was leading. But this was not evident when we broke up halfway to attack by two ends. While a team protected the main walkway, another two of us went behind enemy fire to attack from the back! It was fun as though reliving my secondary school days. At the end, there was a close battle and we lost by 29 points earning about 600+ points as a team.

As soon as that was over, we moved over to the driving range. With a group of professionals by our right, the participants looking like a bunch of novices tried to display something which was very unprofessionals. Laugh out loud! We looked silly as we merely tapped the gold ball with our sticks. A terrible and memorable first hand experience at the driving range. Despite the two loses, we were not taken aback and was determined to perserve! This was the spirit of DBF2A01! The never say die attitude!

At the driving range ^_^

Detained at the foyer, we were the third last team to be dispatched and we moved in an orderly fashion where Sophia took the lead by giving a jogging pace comfortable for all. We jogged back to Bukit Gombak Mrt and took the train trip all the way to Orchard through Jurong East and Raffles Place. In the train, we discussed the food items we were going to eat and it appears that the guessing game was of a high degree of difficulty. When everything was decided, we chose mee goreng, garlic bread, donut, tim sum and the mysterious last food dish a mixed fruit salad. The bunch of mad participants started running through wisma atria in search of the food items. We moved to purchase garlic bread from breadtalk, mee goreng amd tim sum from food republic and then donuts at crystal jade bakery. We rushed and gobbled down our food in sequence and we were off to find our last food item when Jac gave us the last clue which was the mixed fruit salad. Upon finishing up our interesting food salad, we took our clue, checked our contacts and directories and proceeded towards the Botanic Gardens. With regards to the Botanic Gardens, I realized i have never gone into the garden before. It felt like a foreign area to me.

We ran aimlessly in search of a statue which got us moving around in circles. As we have found it, the next clue kept us wondering where in the world could we find a flower which says seven sisters? Especially when there is no specific area in botanic gardens. We called up the ranger station and asked about the flower. To our dismay, it was arrowed all the to a part called echo garden where they have herbs and spices planted there. I upon hearing that was discouraged. Well, we still had to run and finish the race right? When running, I felt quite saddened when i was not given the opportunity to navigate in this foreign area. I guess it was not for me to speak. Anyway, when we came to a bend, we were quite lost and i was sure moving a particular route would bring us back to square one which is the park entrance at Holland Road. When it was confirmed we went towards ginger garden and we met a group there. They mentioned something about finding the flower nearby. I for myself felt quite consumed by the fact that the flower was at echo garden. (Later at the finishing line i heard it was not there) Then Jac called out to us and we found that the flower was indeed there upon confirmation. We took pictures and ran off through a road back to the main Holland Road.

The Seven Sisters flower located near ginger garden!
Hmm, an area which i was familiar with. The next clue was Parkway Parade and i was thinking which bus would send my there. The only bus i could remember was 14. Then Jac said that the service would be too long. She suggested 36 and i recalled! Thanks Jac ^_^. Anyway we took service 123 back to Orchard and boarded service 36 at the building near Manchester United shop. It was a long ride and a number of us took a short nap.

When we arrive, we dashed to the right and ran towards the market at Parkway parade. We moved around in circles around the hawker center and market and was not able to find Quan Hao. When i questioned them agained, they said it was around this compound. Yes, he was definitely not to be found around. Sandy suggested checking out the coffee shop and we found him. That fellow was buying a drink but anyway, when we took our clue, we figure out the other half was Patricia and went to disturb her shopping. Laugh out loud. When we were cleared of this level, we went to the bus stop to take service 48. It took about 10 minutes to arrive and when it did finally arrived, we were relieved. We were so happy to have found out that we were second so far.

The same scene happened again at Bukit Gombak but this time at Bugis. We ran off service 48 towards the entrance of the DHL Balloon and we have gotten second! Hoooray!!!! I was happy so did my conscious! I love being a second place participant and yes my team did it! Thank you Sophia, Sandy, Zunkit and especially Jac for giving me an enjoyable day. ^_^

Victory Smiles ^_^
Zun Kit ^_^

Crazy Me ^_^
DiDi and Me ^_^

Ah Kit and Di Di ^_^

Sophie ^_^

Organiser Patty with Sophie ^_^

Second place ^_^! Cheers!

Onboard the DHL Air Balloon ^_^ Part 1

Onboard the DHL Air Balloon Part 2

Another Photo Update...

ARHHHH all the way at Jurong Point. Oh well, we went to subway to dine and yeah it was a good fellowship. Laugh Out Loud! Well Well

The train effect ....

KK, Furly, Patty, Ah Kit and Rey!!!

The sweet duo. ^_^

A real ah Kit with heart shape eyes!

Well Well, hoping to see more of such class fellowship when the third wave is over ^_^!

Friday, July 21, 2006

A Photography Update .....

Some Pictures of the Past:

Youth Mentors at Full Strenght !!

Another Side of YM!!

The presenters for the first batch of UCCD ^_^

My Christian Classmate Buddy Zun Kit ^_^

Rishi the Man and Sandy my Buddhist Classmate Buddy ^_^

Zun Kit and Patty ^_^

Sandy and Zun Kit ^_^

So here are the pictures from the second wave of attack from Singapore Polytechnic. As for the photo duos ^_^

The dinner at Siglap. ^_-!!


When two specs flush into one. Lol!

Thats all folks. ^_^

By the way, the third wave is coming to an end soon and i am so looking forward to it. Problem is when do i start studying?


Friday, July 14, 2006

The Gloomy Cold War

It seems like cold war between two axis had begun. It was preventable but i guess it just got too personal. Further more, it was due to the stress level of project and report deadlines that further create a bigger conflict among the two axis. Would it be the end of the enthusiastic DBF1A22 i used to know? Only time can decide. I will try me best to mediate with both sides through God's spirit and hopefully things will work out. ^_^

Speaking of the Cold War, another had broken out and this time between a National Scout Organisation and National Guides Organisation. I am afraid what The Singapore Scout Association has done may severed ties with their fellow sister in this World Youth movement. Unless the Girl Guides of Singapore do something about this particular situation, my predictions are as such. Over time Girl Guides from their respective companies would move towards the Venture Section of Scouting because their Young Adult(YA) programme is not as engaging. This may create an awareness to fellow sister guides that their seniors are moving over to scouts. Their guiders may try to persuade them to stay but if an insignificant number of YAs were to return back to their company, it goes to show that there is no true loyalty around and that may in turn make the enrolment rate of guides fall by a big percentage because girl guides will never feel a sense of belonging without elder sisters. Guiders may say its alright, i will just start again. But look, how many Guiders out there are ready to put in that amount of commitment and even so risk it when it is time for the guides to graduate. I am just upset over my Chief Commissioner's decision.

The Singapore Scout Association. An association i have grown to know ten years ago. A small boy during my cadet years learning to be more observant and to uphold my promise and law. As i moved on to secondary school, my scouting years are of hard skills and character development. I learn alot but i have failed to understand that there is much more in the world out there which requires us peace keepers to assist. The Singapore Scout Association and its inefficiency. I got really tired of it as it was not the kind of Scouting Experience i wanted to have. I wanted more and so i perservered and went on to Venturing. I spend most of my time in venturing towards service and test work. I learned alot to be a good citizen and geared myself towards President Scouts Award (PSA). It was an award everyone dream of having and i was really persistent towards it. I have fallen and the only award i am proud of having would be the Chief Commissioner's Award attained during my scouting days. Now as a leader, I am exposed to the world. Violence, poverty, pollution, etc. There is so much problems and here i am thinking to myself. What in the world was i doing trying to earn the PSA when i should be helping my fellow brothers and sisters to create a better world. Through this thought i realise again that my NSO aint doing much. Dissappointed! What ever it is, maybe only now have they responded by having a Scout of the World Discovery Project to aid the United Nations. I guess my only question would be, how many of this scouts out there are true scouts to not only go for this project for personal gains but to help the world.
The proud Scout and saddened Singapore Scout.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Happy 14th Month Dear Dear .......

On the way to breakfast ^_^

My darling Stefanie ^_^

I feel like i am dating a 16 year old. Lol!
Now that it is 14 months, i just want to tell you that i love you very much. I guess change is good and i will support you in all your future endeavours. ^_^ Just promise me that they are good choices! Muack*

SIM National Management Team Bright ^_^

Now that BFI and CRM report are almost done, i finally am able to gasp some air amisdt the depths of the ocean. I must perservere!

Thank you Father. ^_^

Exalted Dog

Friday, July 07, 2006


Now that the first wave is about to die out, the second wave would be coming very soon. The besides the deadlines of Banking and Financial Institutions(BFI) and Customer Relationship Management(CRM) on Monday and Understanding Cross Cultural Diversity (UCCD) on Friday next week, next week would also consist of a UCCD presentation where my group isn't ready. The week after next would be the deadlines of more projects and the onset of presentations. It seems like the strategy of Singapore Polytechnic School of Business to make Class DBF2A01 cranky would be successful. Class, we must perserve on and not allow our lecturers to make tomatoe soup out of us. (Please do not ask why i used tomatoe soup.)

The SIM National Management Game briefing and trial is tomorrow and i am not sure if i would be able to compete with the other tertiary students from respectible institutes. With little experience of what to expect, may "Bright" formally known as "Shiraz" bring glory back to Singapore Polytechnic Schoool of Business. ^__-!!

Thank you Father for allowing me to go through this terrible two weeks of intense project assignments too!!

The Exalted Sonic

Monday, July 03, 2006

Spiritual Renewal? Lol!

Happy 18th Birthday to Yvonne ^_^. Uncovering the bombing of CTK at 2300hrs.

Marcus, Bebe, Kelynn, Birthday Girl Yvonne, Alvin and Myself ^_^

Marcus, Bebe, Yvonne yet again and Alvin with raging litted candles

Awesome Birthday Card by Kalynn ^_^

A supposed Fruit Cake we agreed upon. -__-!! Lol!

Hmm its quite interesting to have gone for two charismatic sessions in a month. The first was Camp Jeremiah and the second, Youth Prayer Rally at Christ The King (CTK). I guess it was necessary for the vast majority. As for myself, i feel that it kinda help in my faith especially in the early hours of Sunday. If it was not for the prayer rally, my reaction could be worst.

On Sunday when i went for mass after catechism, I felt a sense of closeness towards my heavenyl father as he was directly talking to me through the mass. It is amazing to find how comforting his words are. His words to me would be an individual prayer of the faithful, which had no link to the others and it targeted at me. My Father thank you!^_^ *Edited.

So today it is back to school for all tertiary students even though its youth day. Back at school, it was really dissappointing to find out that whatever progress you had made in a project thrown back at you because it is not answering the question. Just imagine that you were so close in completing it and boom* there it goes. So because of that, there is added work now and i have 3 submissions next week with 2 not even half way done! *Screams*

Oh well.
The Exalted Sonic