Thursday, November 29, 2007


Sorry that i haven't really updated in a while.

Well here is a quick bite into what i have been doing and the buzz going around me.

First of all kudos to Daryl Lim, Kai Chuan, Stefanie Djie and Daniel Chow for obtaining their Class 3 license. ^_^ It is so much cooler to know that there are more drivers around now.

Secondly, I have been screwing up with my Mid Semester Test Clinching Cs and Ds average. Terrible.

Thirdly, I manage to hit a Gold Napfa with a C in 2.4km. Even though i got a Gold here, i am still placed as PES D for this short period of time due to my Thal A. Gee.

Lastly, attended evens such as food implosion where i lost thanks to a tomato, Confirmation 3 Camp, PLTC, Confirmation 1 outing. Heh heh. Oh Well ^_^

Saturday, November 10, 2007

St. James

A guys night out at St. James power house. The experience was new with more to drink then usual. Just imagine, drinking a glass of vodka peach with cream soda at home. A can of Tiger. Yet another glass before entry. Last but not least, 4 glasses within power house itself. I guess the experience was great due to the choice of music (Thats in my case. The rest didn't really like it) It was house music according to Jun Xian.

Well, the crowd was more mature then usual and there appears to be more males then females. I was not really bothered by that. So anyway with that amount to drink as mentioned just now, it was moving to the beat yeah. I guess alcohol really brings out another side of a rigid frame. Dancing the night away, i met Jeremy at Movito. Well i am to keep shut as to what i saw inside. I guess i can only speak to him directly about it. Once the Music was off, we were off to hunt for food.

It was quite surprising that the security guard let us into Vivocity to cross to Harbourfront. I was appreciative and so were the rest. BUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUT 6 GUYS IN A BARREN SHOPPING CENTRE. It was like night at the museum, just that there wasnt anything to see. Jun Xian screaming and a few of us running around. Dots.... Well, nevertheless it was fun. We stop by McDonalds and figure out it was too expensive. After a moment of deliberation, it was Cheers and Instant Noodles. Lol, enjoying our noodles in that cool weather, (Actually, it was too cold) and a photography session by Zun Kit and Trey, we laid by in one aile with music and green tea. Not forgetting the QiGi between Seng Liang and Jun Xian. This continued untill the shutters for North East Line opened.

Lol! It this reminded me of my days in St. Pats. Lol, not that there was drinking or loud music, it was just plain fun to have a all guys outing without having to have any regrets.
Cheers to Zun Kit, Seng Liang, Jun Xian, Mark and Trey for being the last 5 survivors. Lol. Cheers to Rishi, Edwin, Raj, Sek Ho , Sek Leong and ??????? for joining in the fun. YEAAA!!!!!!
Pictures will be placed in Facebook album later today. For now, it is ZZZZ and sweet dreams.....

Friday, November 02, 2007

2nd November 2007

Its been one year since Kaki Bukit Driving Centre.
14 Points with a second chance on getting tested.
Officially let off from probation. ^___^ Yessireeee!!

At the same time, Happy Birthday Chua Jun Xian and his Dad ^_^ heh heh Take care and God bless. Especially, Chua Jun Xian!! YOUR NO LONGER TEEN!!