Sunday, May 28, 2006

Year 2 Blues

Sigh as all of your should know by now, i am currently a year two student studying in Singapore Polytechnic the Diploma in Banking and Financial Services (Banking Option). Whoever mentioned that studying in the Polytechnic was easy have to re-looked at his or her statement. Well, not that i am accusing of anyone for commenting anything of that sort. It is just the hassle to continuously think about the projects, its deadlines, the heavy weightage it carries in the overall marks, etc.

Now that i have regurgittad all that, i feel much at ease. I would probably perserve on as the semester would be coming to an end soon. An estimate of eight weeks left.

Anyway, i have been asked by a lecturer Mr. Kenneth Tai (I think thats the name) to form up one of the three banking team to participate in the Annual Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) National Management Game. My team would consist of Sophia, Rishi, one more additional member and myself. I am excited and thrilled. Not that i am looking forward to the prize or anything of that sort but the experience i would be gain from challenging all the other tertiary institutes.

Scouts & Christianity
My ULTBC workshops have ended and i am looking forward to the coming residential camp. In the Banderlog Patrol, i would want my patrol to be the winning patrol there! Lol! Banderlog Oh Ei Oh! Boom! (FYI that is not a cheer). There will be alot of self improvement this Holidays as i may be participating in a total of five camps altogether.
The camps are as follows:
  • ULTBC (2nd to 4th June)
  • PLTC (5th to 6th June)
  • Christian Leadership Camp (7th to 9th June)
  • Confirmation 4 Camp (10 to 11th June)
  • Confirmation 2 Camp (17th to 19th June)

Would you agree with me that this holidays would be so packed! Lol! I still have the e-learning assignments to complete too from school. Oh well!

Oshkide ^___^
The Exalted Sonic

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Scouts Scouts Scouts ...

Today has been a great scouting day for me. It started off with a bad run in the morning where i actually retired from finishing my usual distance. The nostalgic feeling of being unfit and weak reminded me of my secondary one days where my stamina would just deplete over a matter of minutes. Sigh.

After that particular highlight, i headed towards Scouts Headquarters for my Unit Leader Training Basic Course (ULTBC). Along the way to Novena MRT Station, I was perturbed by the fact that i had a school test and a ULTBC camp falling on the fifth of June. I knew that i had tried my best to ask for negotiations from both parties and so i prayed. Taking into mind that God mentioned that Heaven is filled with treasures for us to pray for, i prayed the following Lord i know that school work is more important than Scouts as what u have mentioned to me from Sophia but to me lord, Scouts and school work are of equal importance to me. Please allow me to go for this camp for it is in scouting that i was able to serve my fellow brothers and sisters which are your people.

And so the prayer was answered when the Course Director brought up a point that the dates of the camp were actually changed long ago. I was happy. Praise the Lord ^_-!! *I sound so hyped up!* Well, after that long session on history, leadership and planning, i headed down to Damai Guides and Scouts Campfire. As enjoyable as it was for boy scouts, i enjoyed company by the leaders from the other respective Scout Troops and not forgetting Mr. Cho and Mr. Ang from Damai Secondary Schools. The whole event ended with the Young Adults heading over to the nearest coffee Shop located about 100 meters due north-west. ^__^ I love Scouting.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Hmm i guess life is really full of ups and downs and that the ideals of businessman and designers may at time clash. It is truly difficult especially when both parties insist in the right of way. I guess it is not really so for my relationship RLS. I guess that is why we worked out. ^_^ It is times like that where we just put our differences aside and love the person instead of who he/ she does. I love you dear.

Anyway i would like to quote a sentence from Tuesday With Morrie The Movie
Only when you learn how to die, You would learn how to leave.
I guess this is really applicable to everyone out there. Whether or not your religious or agnostic, learning to treasure life as it is given really sets you thinking ahead. Like away with this nonsense, it is time to enjoy and be more serious about how one would like to live life.

As for now, my life is tied down with God, Girlfriend, School, Scouts, Church & Friends.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


New Revised Standard Version

23 Psalm

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures;
he leads me beside still waters;
he restores my soul.
He leads me in right paths
for his name's sake.
Even though I walk through the darkest valley,
I fear no evil;
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff —
they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies;
you anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life,
and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD
my whole life long.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Driving Circuit ...

I know being new is not a good excuse but i really was quite lost. The lines and arrows were practically everywhere with me only able to steer into very sharp turns. Imagine moving at a speed of less then 10km/h and that your instructor would be faulting you for your mistakes. I guess its the only way anyone would learn. The same feelings and stress level i felt on my first driving lessons were felt today. Thank God and my instructors advice on the little traffic i experience today. I agree that six o'clock is a good time for circuit wholeheartedly.

Experiencing the parallel and vertical parking is quite okay for me as i have more or less grasp the methods to adopt. The new courses like the directional change and s course gives me the fear of claustrophobia. It feels as though the car may hit the curb because you are unable to see what is going on underneath the bonnet. Your only guide would be the sides i guess. The most infuriating course would be the slope course. Many a times would i screw up my clutch, brake and acceleration pedal. I guess it is something all of us must learn to be proficient in as the car is a weapon as quoted by Auntie Helen. According to Auntie Helen, the amount of points i have accumulated today was more than 50! Oh my! This cannot go on with the amount of mistakes i have committed. Well well it was fun after all i guess! I like driving!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Equilibrium Feelings

I guess God always have this special judgement of ensuring that every happiness is matched with sadness vice versa. This is especially so today where i had my fun with school, tea break with my darling and a birthday dinner at Deborah's House (Remus a.k.a. Romeo Girlfriend's house). This happiness was brought down to a level of neutrality when i saw my mum left in my Third Aunt's car towards the Airport.

Why was i feeling worried I asked myself. I guess its the same feeling i felt for any of my love ones especially my darling if their leaving this peaceful and secured country to anyway foreign and chaotic. May God bless them on their journey....

Monday, May 08, 2006

8th May 2006

Its one year of being together with my darling. RLS! Its is also my brother's birthday and Mother's Day the year before. How interesting would it be to see all three events into one. Yes, the nodding or the shaking of head was the determinant factor to the establishment of RLS & SLR Ltd. For many of your who are puzzled, RLS & SLR stands for Rey Love Stefanie & Stefanie Love Rey respectively.

A great day i would say. Although it could have been better if i had planned more. ^_^ Well so this is how we spent our day together.

We went to China Town in search of the famous Ah Kow Mince Pork Noodle at Hong Lim Complex featured by Makan Places lost and found and were successful. ^_^ The noodles were delicious and the sugar cane drink bought by my darling made the lunch even more fullfilling. *Sorry i drank up all the juice =)*

Feeling full and tired, we like most couples do got into an arguement on what would be better to do next. Lol! That concluded with both of us going to Cathay cineplex to steal some glances of the newly build shopping centre. It was deserted though.

At the cineplex resting!

Having done that, we went to Plaza Singapura to catch a movie on Jasmine Women. It is a story on how the future generations would commit the same mistakes as their parents did. Interesting Shanghainese show. ^_-!! By the way, it was the same Female Lead Actress in the entire show.

To end of the day nicely, it would require a great dinner at a restaurant i only remembered by images or passing by it. It was a restaurant that i was clueless about. Clueless not only on what dishes it served but the name and the cost of the dishes as well. My instinct wanted me to have my dinner there.

On the trip there by foot halfway, we stoped at Bras Basah complex to complete our present for each other. it felt so weird as we were completing our presents for each other the eleventh hour.
Thank you darling for that beautiful card. ^_^ Anyway my present to my darling was a print out version of what her online blog had to offer. A personal diary is what she called it. =)

Thus the message that follows :

Dear Darling,

I know this product is last minute but i really wanted to
complete it today. You told me once you were afraid that someone might hack into
your blog and removed all your entries. Thus i decided to back up for you. Not a
softcopy but a hardcopy. ^_^ Enjoy your own entries my love and have a happy one
year anniversary.

Your loving darling,

The exchange of gifts was done in the dimly litted yard of the complex with both parties feeling happy and joyful. So that create the mood for the supposed "perfect" dinner for the both of us on our first year anniversary. So we walked and walked till we came across a restaurant where my dear was ogling at the range of cakes on display. As i have tricked my darling before, she did not believe it when i said we were going to have our dinner here. Chuckled!

The Olio restaurant with nice staffs, great ambience & food, i enjoyed our experiences very much. The following few pictures are the stuff we had in the restaurant.

Olio Restaurant At Suntec City!

Mushroom Soup which tasted really good!

Darling attacking her Luiginie with Sambal Crayfish!

My Dory fish fillet rice set! Nice!

Darling with her Cafe Latte! *Good Aroma*

The very sinful brownie!

Strawberry Cheesecake yum yum!

The day ended off with both of us touching the fountain of wealth in Suntec City. Lol! *Talk about wealth makes me feel so chinese*
I love you darling RLS Limited.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Life ... (Cont'd)

With the world full of imorality, there ought to be a solution. That solution would be keeping to the Seven Heavenly Virtues which are Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Justice, Temperance & Prudence.

Faith often seen as trust, belief, fidelity, conviction & loyalty is what people truely need to have. Imagine someone who is faithless and is given a particular project to do with his/her team mates. He/she would not even allow his/her work to be touched for fear that the team members may taint the overall work. A skeptical person. Hmm....

Hope can be seen in desire, belief, reliance & expectation. When the whole world is going against you, do you go to a HDB flat to sky dive? That would be the most unwise yet immature thought to do as living has its many broken and irregular steps upwards. Hope for the best and work towards it. The battle would never be over if you keep the optimism.

Charity in the sense of benevolence, helpfulness, mercy & generosity would create an environment of giving and sacrifice. One should know that we are all human beings and that wealth should be attempted to be evenly distributed. How happy is the poor when he is given the grace of generosity from a men. It goes on.

Fortitude for strength, courage, endurance & resoluteness. The key to true happiness is to continue to do what is right for people even when your jeered or laughed uponed. Never give up for some day your actions will be realised.

Justice would be the same as impartiality, equity, fairness, rightness & dispassion. Refrain from being biased or prejudice against someone. That person if given the right exposure of fairness may bloom to someone useful in society. Never attempt to bring someone down for you may have created a future criminal.

Temperance along the lines of moderation, restraint, self- mastery, sobriety & frugality. To control one's self from the temptations of the world would be to set the mind right. Give the mind some healthy exercises and distractions so that one would not fall so easily into the category of lust. A category which is much more easier to fall into.

Prudence also known as wisdom, vigilance, carefulness, thoughtfulness & discretion. Always attempt to seek wisdom so that you may be careful when the need arises. Do not be fooled by false teachings of the world which focuses on sex, drugs & alcohol. This teachings would nevertheless bring you down to the point of no return.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Life ...

I guess the toughest challenge for anyone would be to lead a morally upright life. Whether or not the cause for religion or ethics, the challenge has indeed increase in difficulty. A view on the seven deadly sins.

Such sins may cause us to go astray. In the case of pride, it may kill a person's soul as he/she would believe that he/she is right in all sorts of situation. When he/she is proven wrong, it may be too late.

The sin of envy may create a belief of falsehood. Whether it is the desire for a perfect body of a model or wanting that MP3 player, it may cause us to look upon ourselves as imperfect and poor which is not true in most context.

In a country where food lurks just at any location, gluttony may be the cause of most illnesses. It could most probably cause someone to be lethargic making he/ her dropped his/her responsibilities as a person.

With technology present to aid in our daily life, it may also backfire causing disruption in our gracefulness to be loving human beings. With temptations lurking everywhere, it is difficult not to sin. Pornography, Men's magazine, liberal articals on sexual issues could cloud one's mind. Creating a de-grading image of the opposite sex may be the key objectives of the directors who strive for power and money. Men and their desire to lust. As one would say, "Sex Sell".

Violence in the media, computer games or verbal and physical abuse may spark off the sin of anger. With severed body parts, and cries of the disadvantaged being laughed at by our youth this days. It is no wonder why there is a rise in violence. Students killing their classmates, children rebelliously attacking their parents in rage or drivers who simply loose their patience and attacks another commuter. This is rather sad.

Material wealth is all we are wanting to have a comfortable life. Would it bring happiness? A miser would not! People who tend to forget that material wealth can never be satisfied would continue in their relentless pursue to attempt to satisfy themselves. People may be neglected such as children, spouse, friends and even your relatives. Giving up love for others just for greed would never bring the greater joy of loving your neighbour.

Lastly, to sloth around neglecting his/her responsibilities would be the worst of all. The countless opportunities to serve others or work for income would be dismissed living like a parasite who would depend on others to survive. He/she may slowly die in time with both the physical and mental strength dissipating bit by bit.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Labour Day = Wedding Day = Leonie's Birthday ^__-!

Part 1
I am really happy and joyful for this couple who wish to dedicate their marriage lives to God. To be a mirror image of Christ Love for us all. To be a model christian family for us young people to follow. Yes! Two holy people are united today, my Godfather Damien and RCIA sponsor Leonie.
The wedding was really sacrificial! It can be seen with both bride and groom reading aloud the words God has for us. These sacrifice can be further seen with the consencration part where they offer their marriage and prayers to Mother Mary. ^__-!! Sweet.

The Sacarment of Matrimony.
When Damien & Leonie are united as one in the eyes of the Lord.

Part 2
The Wedding Dinner was great with Donovon's Band (Donovon was my Senior Patrol Leader for Scouts) playing love songs from the Eagles to the Beegees. It was further graced by Mr. Ng's great commentary as an M/C (Masters of Ceremony). The night was filled with laughter, smiles, cheers and lastly reverence. ^_-!! This wedding marks the benchmark of my wedding. ^__-!! Congratulations to both Leonie and Damien again!

Wedding Dinner at Sentosa Resort & Spa (Grand Salon)
The 8 Course Menu was great!

Table 5
Mr. & Mrs. Damien Chew, The Lims and the Scouts.
Going home in Uncle Francis Lexus ^_^
Daryl (God Son no.9), Marcus ("Adopted" God Son) & Myself (God Son no.10)
May God accept the prayers of the community and the couple to make this marriage a great one! Cheers!