Saturday, March 28, 2009

Update on Black......

The world and its black and starry images.....

There have been many experiences that have been left untold.
In summary,
The armour lifestyle has made me appreciate;
Nature - Double Rainbows in a coold drizzling day of West Singapore
Speed & Reaction - Quicker physical and mental reaction
Camaraderie - Fellowship over a nights out with Takopachi, MacDonalds and Ghost Recon
Vehicle Sizes - Power Coach and IFVs
Fate - The case of idler sprocket road wheel, poor performance and other unexplainable moments
God's Love and Grace -In great abundance in all situations

All of which gave me smiles during this dark times.

Whats Left:
Urban Operations 30 - 31 Mar
Ex Starlight - 12 Apr
Joint Term - 22 May

Monday, March 02, 2009


The world of black parades, drills, trainings and dressing.
I am becoming blacker by the day even though its Lent.
Christ help me.

103 Days left to Commissing Parade.