Thursday, August 30, 2007

Polyforum & Youth Leaders UG Conference

I somehow got bored of posting pictures. Will be back to my usual blogging as of next week i hope.

Its been so relaxing to just sit down by the computer or just lie by the bed to wander of one's mind on thoughts. This has been the long awaited holidays I have yearn for since the February Internship at Citibank. With all this relaxation and recreation (R&R), i feel quite bad to have enjoy this peace even before the exams began.

Was it something i needed? It sure was! Being not only invigorated, there is a driving force to want to contribute. A force that is so overwhelming, it could carry forward to the next semester. I feel re-charge for school work, scouts as well as church ministry. In my opinion, an event like YISS will not be as impactful as the World Scout Jamboree i went for.

So what have i been doing besides all that is mentioned earlier. I have been watching lots of animation to kill time. I have also enrolled myself for the Youth Leaders UG Conference. Speaking of which, i meant another Regina Oon today. A young Ms. Oon who is currently an undergrad in SMU helping the environment. I guess she got me thinking about patch work having to be reviewed as well as making this blog more impactful. As what my Lecturers would replace impact with, the "Uhpm!" It was about visioning. It was about unity and joint efforts to enhance the image of Uniform Groups in Singapore. This is something which got my mind stirring instead of the issues discussed in Polyforum. I will not say that the Polyforum is not effective. I guess its the wrong topic for this person here.

With all this activities to keep me on the ball, it appears that i seem to have backslide in faith. I realized the faith which i belong to requires reconciliation, humility and examining of conscious on a weekly basis. Its tiring and its all part of His training for something better. Gee! Oh yes, for some reason, i got my answers on how to become a Saint. Its not about doing big things. It is about overcoming and defeating sin eventually. That was my take for the Catechist Retreat "Come and See" at the SFX Majoy Seminary.

Jolly Jolly Jolly Jolly Good Day ....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

21st WSJ

More pictures of our booth.

Its Yellow!

Deco done by Charle!

One World One Promise!


Chopsticks with Marbles yet again.

Olaf, the Scout who invited me to the German Fellowship that Sunday Evening.

Charle's work yet again.

My 2nd Painting in the Jamboree. Appreciating the Arts! Lol!

Hylands Abbey! The Catholic Hangout area.

The completed Dragon Troop Badges of Taiwan.

Evening Mass. I totally forgot that it was Sunday. Missed the morning Mass.

Priest from different backgrounds.

The Italians going rar rar!!


Celebration of the Eucharist.

The Swinging of the Scarfs for the Celebration after mass.

The German tent that can take a small campfire.

Nice interiors

There you go.

The guest arrives.

The German Campsite at Tundra!

Self Portrait. Lol!

The Swedish Wheel 50 at 12 o' clock

Swedish Wheel!

Edible Blueberries found around the jamboree site!

Hyland House.

The Taiwanese Invitation!

There you go.

Some Performance.

Close up.

Nice Decorations right?

Scout Shop!

I love cubs? Hmm, that doesn't sound right.

The Plaza. This is the place where many things happened.

A typical badge swapping session.

A close up at what this scout has to offer.

Another view.


Israel Booth

Korean Leader's Uniform.

Venture Section

Scout Section


Korean Stand.

Scouting Alphabet!


Norway Contingent Badge Set.

New Zealand All Blacks!!

The Kiwi.

Russians ^_^

Thats real amber!!

I write up on Polish Scouts!

The Uniform which i fancy so much!

Indonesian Booth

Hmm R21.


The tap that never dies. Till this moment, i still do not understand how it worked.

The Amazing Swedish Ferris Wheel. Another View.

Swiss Chocolate!

Canadian Moose.

The APR Turn!

Japanese Food Display.

Taiwanese Souvenir Coin.

ACS Scouts with some Troop Leaders.


Most of the Leaders present.

Nice banner.

The Hwa Chong Ventures.

ACS Barker Scouts.

There you go! A random picture.

ACS Barker Scouts with some Troop Leaders and CST. ^_^

NTSS Eagles 23 Scouts

Well, i believe Shaun shot this. Its as though i was suffering from some jaw problem.

The Minority Scouts 1.

The Minority Scouts 2. Heh heh!

The CST Handbook. The reason why i can't show you the IST handbook is because i only manage to get it on the last day. Not very happy with that lol! Oh well...

Its messy huh! The last night before the closing ceremony the following day.