Thursday, March 30, 2006

4th Day of RMS

Its the fourth day. About two more days to seeing dear. Anyway, today had been a very Lost day for me. I was watching the TV programme "Lost" and i feel it is spine thrilling and worth the time. I have not really watched the first season so i will be attempting to watch it quickly so that i can keep in flow together with the second season which is currently on air in Channel 5.

It seems like word got out that my blog seems to be victimising Billy on my previous entry. Ask yourself, would i be someone who would do that? Sigh! There are two ways to look at information. If the person decides to act his own feelings to a neutral entry, it would either turn out either good or bad. My entry was based on good as i really want him to change for the better. He is still young and it would be worst for him to learn in the vicious world out there then to learn at this present moment.

I guess i will be having a one to one talk with him tomorrow to clarify any doubts which had been created.
Taunting to make others sin is a greater sin than the person who commits that sin.

Anyway, my day had been rather boring. Imagine having to stay at home and just spending time to tidy up your room, help prepare food and sweep the floor. Tomorrow would be a greater day. A day where more senior scouts are seen and another adventurous hour of driving. A day i can look forward to. Of course i would be looking forward to this coming saturday at 2145hrs at Changi Airport where my dearest would return.

Exalted Sonic

3rd Day of RMS

The indonesian way of confrontation. I think my dear friend Billy is intending to spark a war with me. Sigh! Over supreme power? King of the World? Sigh. Where is the patrician in him. Expecially the 3 clover of Honesty, Humanity, Humility? He needs to wake up his ideas. Hopefully, this can be done at the coming Venture Initiation Course where he will be treated like a trainee again. He needs it.

St.Patrick's School
Anyway i was speaking to Marcos today and i found out that St. Patrick's Students are day by day losing their manners. What seems to be the root of the problem? I am not sure if the teachers are enforcing it but life in there has change.

The Scouts are becoming soft! This is what i have observed. Terrible! If i were to take them again for any activities, i would be asking of them of double standards. I shall take standards from NCDCC since it is the new glowing CCA in SPS. I wonder what was going on in the boys heads.

It is the 3rd Day! Three more days to go to see my darling! Wonder how has she been. Eating enough? Taking plenty of rest? Geez! I sound like her father! Laugh out loud!

Just feel like writing my Values. They are: Pajigwad (Stick To It,)Oshkide (A New Spirit), 10 Commandments, Scout Promise, Law & Motto, etc.

Exalted Sonic (Dissappointed)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

2nd Day of RMS

A boring day for me. Well most of the time. Here is how it went.

Got up early at about 11am. Washed up use the computer and went down for lunch. I just realise that meals are getting boring a similar almost everyday. It is a very late realization is it not? Including this morning, it has been five weeks since the start of this 40 Days of Penance. Well i help myself to the lunch and got myself a bottle of orange juice. I was getting late so i rushed to catch service 21 before it moved off.

I settled down watching TV mobile and suddenly a boy and his mum sat just infront of me. She told her son to not stand so as to not block my view. What a considerate mother! I thought such parents no longer exist. Anyway the boy instead took a peek at me and i smiled. Was it the start of a peek-a-boo activity or something but this went on with him giggling all the way. His mother turned back and we both exchange smiles. Its quite a pity the boy had to leave soon with him waving good bye to me and kissing his mother on the face constantly. What a sweet child. ^_^ Laugh out loud.

So i went ahead driving with Auntie Helen and she taught me something new again. The process of pumping petrol and a new course route. Enriching and yet fun. I will be having my 3rd lesson this week with her. (Amazing how one can have three lessons in a week for driving) [I meant money if you did not get me!]

From the driving centre, i headed to Tampines to run an errand for my darling. I went to collect her photocopied materials and returned a library book for her. Following which, my eyes were caught by a shop which sold cheap games and softwares. I went to browse through but nothing really caught my eye. After that i went to Sports Connection and took a look at the various pouches that outlet have to offer. I bought a new pouch! A happy customer was seen walking out of the outlet and that was me! Took a train home as the day was getting late.

Inside the train, while going back two incident occured. The 1st was me having the peak at someone's paper and he purposely brought it higher and away from my sight. What kind of stingy Singaporean is that! Sigh. Anyway then a group of SAC girls came in and started using Sign Language. I was quite puzzled but hey that was not the main point. The main point was that i wanted to learn sign language but have not attempted to look for it yet.

So that was how most of my day went. The remaining last few hours were just Dinner, Television and organizing my room. Something came across my mind though. Children these days are becoming so vulnerable. Sigh. What has mankind become!

Darling darling, miss you so much. No communications no word. It feels like i have been blocked off from some channel. Oh well!

BP and God Rocks
Exalted Sonic

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

1st Day Of RMS

It sure feels weird to have no contact with my darling Stefanie. Life still goes on right? So i had my driving today which was fun and yet new because Auntie Helen (My Instructor) allowed me to go to a new route. Hmm I guess i aint ready to have one lesson a week yet ask she ask me to come down on 28th March. Great opportunity but more money. Sigh. Anyway i went down to Beach road to purchase a new stove together with Hairi's (Sec 1 Junior) Pocket knife and my own personal knife. The reason why i purchase the pocket knife for Hairi was because i loose it at March Camp. (Careless me)

After that i got home. Rest for a while and headed out again to meet JC for a cup of coffee. We were suppose to drink at the starbucks opposite cineleisure. This was stopped when there were to many smokers and there were no available chairs inside the outlet. We thus headed to paragon to patronise the outlet there. Along with the coffee we had Mrs. Fields too and later tea time at NOOCH. JC was going to have her dinner as she was going to join her ODAC friends for a movie. After Paragon, we went to Wheelock to check out Birkenstock sandals. I think that kind of sandals would fit my darling's leg. Nice and comfortable. The meeting with JC ended when we ended our circuit training back at Somerset. Laugh Out Loud! I went back home to have dinner.

Wow! Never felt this free in a long time. Watched Anime Bleach, Blood+ and Gundam Seed. Hard to believe but i also watch Gao Xiao Xin Dong Pai! Lol! I was so happy when my darling came online. It was that 5 minutes of communication that really stir my feelings! RLS operation has changed to RMS (Rey Misses Stefanie). Well got to sleep early. I have driving tomorrow!

BP & God Rocks!
Exalted Sonic

Sunday, March 26, 2006

SMSS Campfire

25th of March was great with me getting off late from bed to meet my dear. Went to her house to help her in her dusty room. It was an "interesting" experience to be in that situation. As my eyes and nose was sensitive to dust, i started reacting to the dust that was being swept into the air by the fan. Anyway this is just a side story. ^_^ Overall, her room was only 20% cleared up. Another 80% more girl!

SMSS Campfire
Well the journey there was an even more interesting one with my future senior patrol leaders being unprepared. They have no idea on how to head towards St. Margaret's Secondary School(SMSS). We took service 55 towards Eunos hawker centre and had our dinner there. During dinner, I had a conversation on which secondary 2 scout were liable for the top three positions in the Scout Troop. With the Patrol Leader's Training Camp coming up. We need new blood. Our initial intention was to take service 93 from Eunos all the way to SMSS. That changed when jerome wanted an alternative route because they missed the bus while waiting for Benjamin, a secondary one scout. So we took the MRT Train.

I being an Assitant Scout Leader (ASL) would be playing a smaller role in such activities as i want the boys to learn by themselves. When i was the Troop Scribe of 2002/2003, i learn alot and make many new friends. But of this learning was to learn ways on going to the schools before the day of the campfire. This was the preparedness a campfire in charge should have at least. I was very disappointed when this was lost halfway. Anyway, when we reached Orchard MRT, the boys had no idea where to go. I stood in and offer them the direction and bus to take for 500 push-ups. Well they being intelligent did not take the offer and decided to find out themselves. I guess Jerome was being nice so he gave them the direction towards where they should be heading. So we went to Orchard Boulevard and took 174 towards Farrer Road, the home of the Green Polka Dots. In the bus i just kept on pressuring Robin,(The I/C) if he was heading the right direction. His answers were not confident. Not confident enough to take the troop in my opinion sadly.

When we reached there, we were made to go through the gateway. I am feeling apologetic now for not being a proper role model by joining the Boys in the gateway. At that point of time i guess i was already wearing a tie and that going through such things was considered not a good image for an ASL? We went in and i immediately went to the toilet asking for directions because i had diahorrea. Terrible I say !! Anyway when the campfire started, I was playing an adult role by just standing, sitting, stoning, clapping and looking at girls! Kidding! I was looking at the campfire as a whole and i found out there were alot of scouts action that was susceptible to danger. I guess I would not want to do much when i have not even earned my Warrant yet. I was feeling old as a whole wearing the tie. It does not feel youthful i tell you. Lol! Actually it is how i percieve it to be. Anyway I was surprised to see my boys earned the Best Supportive Unit Award! Something which the last time i knew, we earned at St. Andrew's School Campfire. So when the whole campfire ended, we helped out the SMSS Guides by clearing up the hall. (It was a Gangshow by the way) During that activity, i actually went to pick up litter. A form of humility? I am not so sure.

The dimissal was the most disappointing part. It seems like the boys were not made to sing the school song. That was traditional and it seems like Billy is removing it. I am not sure whether it is delibrate but i choose to be optimistic and believe their batch is getting tired. The formation that was form up was also in a weird location blocking off the walkway. The best part was the in charge were not standing properly infront of the boys. I was sad. At the end of the campfire, the boys were not confirmed if they had transportation back home. Sigh! I went around asking the remaining boys if they had transport back and left to Plaza Singapura to have some light snack. Over there we had some Venture Scout disscussion on the matter. Will be seeing the boys on Wednesday 2.25pm.

BP and God Rule!
Exalted Sonic

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Finally, my blog is backed up with a new address. I am not very satisfied with this but I guess i have to make do with what i have. So being made revived once again, i am going to update on my life.
( I am still very dissappointed with the fact my blog got wiped out thanks to some technical difficulties )

I am in the mids of my holidays now. Life should be this good everyday. No datelines, projects, early mornings, etc. My results are out and i am not very happy with my grades. Dissapointed again! Just an Overview of my grades for academic year one.


Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) 3.34
There is a 0.1 GPA improvement. Not satisfied. I am determined to do better for the other two academic years.

With all this academic stuff going on, i can be certainly sure i can put in more effort in my studies as my current CCA points is placed at 48. (>45 for A) I am quite amazed at the amount of work i have put in for year one. My only emphasis for CCA points would be to complete my NYAA Gold and to participate in any national events like SYF or NDP.

The role of an Assitant Scout Leader (ASL) and Rover Scout is sure boring now that most of our supposed activities are just plain planning and training. Now that the new year is starting, we are beginning to work hand in hand with the scouts executive committee towards a better future for our troop. Insights would be the coming National Scoutcraft and Pioneering Competition. I have to come up with a design as back up for the secondary two scouts just incase they fail in their designs. Campfires coming up would be SMSS 25/3 CHIJ TP 6/6. Other updates on Pajigwad Scout Troop would be the coming Venture Scout Initiation and the Naming Ceremony for worthy scouts. Just to reinstate my targets for Scouting: FCS Gold for Scout Section, Woodbadger, Nyaa Gold, Scout of The World, >$4,000 for Job Week & Donation Draw, Etc.

It is the period of lent and it is the 4th week. Training to be disciplined for God by giving up meat except seafood and taking one serving of softdrink not inclusive of fruit juice. Alot has happened since then. Confirmation One camp just passed and its the most nosiest and hard to control camp. It is sometimes difficult and challenging for a person like me to facilitate such camp when i have a regimental background. Sigh!

Its 10 Months 15 Days and Counting. I just want to let you know that i really treasure and love my honey. From the bottom of my heart. Sorry for being so irrititable at times and being too impulsive in terms of my judgement. Muacks!

I am finally going to be presented my NYAA Silver award on the 4th of April. I have already started on my Gold Award though. Must complete my NYAA as a form of personal achievement. ^_^ I have also started on my driving lessons and i am enjoying my lessons. Just dislike the clutch and acceleration pedals thats all. ^_-!!

BP and God rules!
Exalted Sonic