Monday, June 29, 2009


A Commissioned Armour Officer of The Singapore Armed Forces
Started on Semester 2 for Confirmation Class 10.15am
Regimental Colour Ensign for 42 SAR
Finished Armour Commissioning Ball @ St. Regis
PC for Lion Company of 42 SAR

A new journey awaits as my personality changes. For better or for worst its biting into my older conscious as to what to do or expect. Life was suppose to a lot more tone down after commissioning. I guess that is not true.

Disappointed with what happened in class today, i seriously need to look into making time for absorbing and understanding lesson plans. It was just so awkward having to stare at them and them at me. Too comfortable with my Co-Catechist or am i just being sensitive? For something that i would genuinely sacrifice time, effort and space for, the remark was just some how devastating. Oh well... Life goes on...

Will be preparing for another overseas exercise. This time with my new battalion "the cutting edge". Some say its 7 weeks. Inside information tells me 5 weeks instead. Have to wait for it to come near.

I guess its very hard for someone to know or feel what is going on in my mind now that i have become a little bit more secretive in nature. It gets even harder to know that my life right now has very little similarities to those around me. Seeking to be understood as to understand. The best thing is to attempt to share once joy with somebody who does not know the full extent of how joyous that particular event or activity that took place. I suppose it boils down to what i wish to communicate again.

Having found new courage to stand up again spiritually, i believe my present drive with Him would make obstacles and events more approachable. As to be within one's reach. Have been too dry too long. The life within me just fizzles away without the new re-kindled flame.

Decisions to make
Colour Ensign for NDP10
Part Time or Full Time
Re-attempt Local Uni Admission