Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chinese .. The Language that will never run away...

ARGg. Stumb with the disability to comprehend as well as others, i end up needing a translator Ernest from my Mastermind. Oh well, i will be quoting Confucious soon.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Starting a Legacy

Completed M5 with sheer luck. Now to really put in effort for M9. Money aint meant to be given to SCI to begin with like those Driving Centres.
Its interesting how people wish to leave a legacy after my Lunch appointment with Mr. Peter, a Lady of whom i forgot her name and Andrew from Pru. Its interesting on how Mr. Peter likes to draw similar birth roots of SM* and JNP and that the ideals and methods of Financial Planning from the two respective branch heads are totally different.
Totally disgusted by the way he tried to put across that his company has a bigger market share as compared to mine. Totally disgusted when he claims that a profession requires a particular age limit before one can enter. Totally disgusted when he tried to show off his "wealth". A typical Snobbish Citizen. A product of our "previous" education system.