Sunday, October 25, 2009

A feeling that makes life really what it is..

Imagine having to go through two directions in one night.
One. Where romances fills the starry dark sky blue.
Two. Where such romances is turn over to hurt.

Pretty amazing and overwhelming for the average kid.
I suppose i'm different. Not too proud over my past but it sure helped.

Its because it helped, i'll not let you go *wink* unless you want to. heh heh ^__^

A journey filled with only joy, happiness, etc is a fairytale.
A journey filled with only sadness, anger, etc is mellowdramatic.
A journey with a mixture of both aspect is life. ^___^

aishiteru ivomtgv~san!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A relief.... Poly Gathering

Hi Jun Xian, Wilson, Zun Kit, Daniel Ng, Daniel Chow, Trey, Charlie and Boss.
Gosh its been ages since i see you folks. Actually i'm quite glad that i finally took the liberty to see you guys. It has been long yes to the point that i only saw Boss since BMT. Haha Jordan look alike. Oh well, i suppose the next time i'll meet up again would be after Wallaby. Speaking of which its about less than 30 days to fly off. Still got to meet up with 1T07 at YanSheng's birthday as well as JC and Bryan haha.

Somehow it seems like that emptiness is slowly feeling up. Though its somewhat like a pit now. Optimism to another degree.

Hmm oh yes, i'll be turning up for Singapore Scouting 100th year anniversay dinner at Suntec^___^ Quite delighted to be invited by my Aunt actually. heh heh

Sigh.. With meetings from last week as well as yesterday, i can conclude one thing. My NS liability is ending in less than 8 months. Gosh and it appears i got nothing prepared as of yet. *Worried*
No preparation for CFP program, No preparation for courses, Etc....

In a mess i suppose.

PS. Missing You Dearly

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Of Sunflowers & Daisies

Pretty Flowers For You and Me...