Monday, April 28, 2008


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A Major's Speech...

Good evening!

I have to say that 21 years have flown by so fast. Enjoying my pre-school adventures of block hide and seek, i sure did enjoy those moment even before the term "school" came into my life.

Then came school. It sure was an enjoyable, frightening and maturing experience after having gone through 16 years of education. Friendships were forged. A new found faith to direct lead my life. The great love of the outdoors. The opportunities to groom teens towards adulthood. The chance to gain insights as to what Military life would be like. ( I have not completed my National Service for those who do not know) Moral values, virtues and grooming techniques.

I guess all those experiences have made me one way or another prepared for this age which demands so much. I was jokingly speaking to a colleague of mine Jian Hao that if they (My other team members) were to do anything wrong, they wont have the luxury of Prison life as of yet. LOL! Boys home, Girls Home yeah! That was what i meant.

No longer protected by Minor's law, the age of 21 surely demands an individual to be more responsible and vigilant in his or her actions. I won't be surprise if i am stricken with "offers" for letters of guarantee or other commercial gimmicks. On top of that, an individual like myself will now be legally opened to the many vices the world has to offer.

Well, life must still go on and i will be ready to take up the challenge of adulthood. As what Baden Powell says, "Be Prepared!"

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Rey......

Thanks to Daryl, JC, Kee Kien, Felicia, Xiu Ru, Marcus, Bryan, Wyman, Neil, Keith, Melissa Lim, Teresa, Stefanie, Zun Kit, Siim Ynn, Gang from IRAS, Kelly Mai Kai Alexis, Patricia, Amin, Leo, Felicia Lobster, Jennifer, Gerry, Grace, My Cousin Cheryl, My Third Aunt, Mark Ortega, Zeya, Teo Kai Lin, Taher, Purse, Rain, Fred, Shaun Koh, Samuel Lee, Samuel Wong, Cousin Yuming, Duane, Mark Jonathan Seet Etc.....

Thanks Fellas will enjoy this Key to my Adult Life ^_^ ho ho ho ho

For some reasons, i personally have the desire to make a speech. I guess i can leave it to another day. LOL!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


My phone is behaving in a sick and awkward manner. It will not allow me to send multiple messages. CRAP.

Anyway updates.
Life seem to be getting much better with more workload on stack. Imagine not being able to do anything except work when there is no work given? That is pure boredom. I seem to be abstaining from chocolate too as it gets a little heaty in the body over time. I guess Amin is right by recommending herbal drinks daily. LOL!

I had a nightmare where the 70th Anniversary Pajigwad Campfire went haywire. Was that a wake up call or some sort? I am definitely struck by it. I guess plans should be on the way as soon as my Jap test is over.

Japanese Language
My 1st term test is coming this Saturday! Cries Out Loud!! Did i ever told anyone my language proficiency is no where close to the acceptable standard. Well hopefully by giving more practices and watching j - drama, I will pass with flying colours.

Con 1 teens are yet again for a consecutive second week in a row being restless and noisy. Sigh. What can be done? Well, patience like what Fred exemplify today. All for the greater glory of his Church. MEANWHILE, i am greatly disturb by all the vocation promotions etc. Its mincing my mind in a sense. Well, i don't know. To the priestly or matrimonial life? Please show me the way.

Monday, April 07, 2008


As asked by you a post you wanted.....

Well thanks for injecting life in TTA1... It was a great 3 weeks experience having you around. The Famous Amin Cookies, the Amin day chocolates and of course your guidance and experience. It is a lost to IRAS but a gain to your new found Company.

Cheers and all the best to your Future Endeavors. By the way happy belated birthday yet again ^_^.