Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Photo Update Part (1)

My Old School From 1994 - 1999
Previously known as St. Michael's School (Now Known as St. Joseph's Instituition (Junior)

Before the renovation to the main building, this was where my classroom was.

The old stairs of St. Michael's where the width was much bigger then.
That was not the only piece that i recalled. It was at this stairs too i was caught many times for having long hair.

The old triangle field where grasshoppers which had hind legs coloured in blue, red or green were caught and kept in match boxes. This field was also used for soccer at times.

Though shifted to a new location, the crowd of boys wanting to purchase items other then stationeries from the bookshop never seem to die out even to this day.
How sweet and joyful it is to have such fragments of contented childhood.
How great it is to re-visit the same building which gave me the education to where i am today.
How great it is to walk through the school feeling proud being a Michaelian that will never be gone.

The tentage with no fly sheet. Located at the bank of punggol park.

The only barren area in Singapore which have not been touched by the URA.

The river of Punggol located north east. This is where we had our survivors rough it out with their skills to survive. The conditions were pleasing though.

Alexus and his fire pit.

Alexus and Robin standing as fatigue comes in.

New method of hiking. Hmm, the course ended in HQ. I on the other hand had to leave early and treat myself of sun burn and head on to HQ for my training course. Goodness.

The parish assembly at OLPS Church. Man the youths were just adding the vibes into the whole parish feeling. The energy, the excitement, the enthusiasm.

The group of revolutionaries, DBF2B01 who would write in to stand for what we feel was right.

The KID Re-Creation Games at East Coast Park. It had a bad start but well went on fine. ^_^ Thanks Pajigwad and Wichita Scouts.

My two main Stars, Motega (Daryl) and Bryan.

The Tao Nan Marlin Cubs with their own unique game of hand ball.

The shed where the Scout Leaders stood.

This boy likes the camera. -____-!!

The mass participation of Cubs at East Coast on building the perfect sand castle.

The Game of Dodgeball by Sokit tay.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

KID Re-Creation Game 2006

It is finally over! Even though there were many hiccups during the event, i am glad my team was able to pull through. Special mention includes Motega (Daryl), Sokittay (Marcus), Bryan Eng, Alvin and Marc. Thanks for helping with the logistic, the mangement, the flow of events, the creativity and ideas. It had gain many popular responses from the Cubs and their Cub Scout Leaders. Thank you so much!

As for those who help prepare the event before hand and assist during the event, thank you too. This goes to Jibendam (Joseph), Dakota (Kubo), Omagash (Billy) and Imala (Aloysius).

Those not involve in the planning of the event, i would like to thank too on behalf of my team. Stefanie my girlfriend who assisted in the poster, Mr. Goh who gave free transport even though there were many problems and demands, Mr. Damien Chew, Mr. Sultan Shaheedand Mdm Jacey Lau who have help support the event by booking equipment and facilities, the StPatrick's AVA team for staying over so late to aid in the campfire, the security guards for their generous time and to all the Cub Scouts, Scouts and Leaders who have help participated in the events enthusiastically. Thank you so so much!!

2nd Driving Experiences with P- Plate

Gee, i had to start off driving today by getting into the car asap as my cousin held the card in the middle of the road. This included a blue picanto which was horning at the back. Still rather having a preference to the manual car, i dun seem to enjoy driving an automatic car. Well thats not the main gish. The main thing was i had my left wing mirror touch another car's mirror when going into a close up area! Gosh! I guess this would be my first ever "accident" and it would be my last. Goodness, I was so terrified that i became frantic. When back to check on the car and gee by God's grace it looked normal. Thank God!!

After which i realised i left the keys in the car. Oh No!! Gee, i think i would be requiring some more guidiance before i can take it on my own. I learned more today something about drinking and driving where my cousin informed me that i should not drive if i drink too much. The limit; not more then one mug of beer, one glass of wine, one shot of vodka *Not sure about vodka*. Yup! I could not drive home. SianZzz (Rather i chose not after getting his comments) Yupz! There is still so much to learn after the practical test and its a no wonder the TP wants the new drivers to show their probationary plates for one year!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

World Scout Jamboree 2007

After spending a long time on you tube, i sort of realize how rich the process and education system is in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Looking at their promotional videos make me feel just how creative, exposed and open the Boy scouts are. Interested check out this website

It was also at You Tube that i was given the chance to experience what my fellow brother and sister scouts in taiwan have been doing. The videos just allowed me to experience a dimension that i was never ever given an opportunity to experience.

Following that wonderful experience, i was also delighted to find videos on Jamboree promotions. Oh how great and wonderful it would be part of it. I am so looking forward to it. To make friends and to work towards a global vision. One World One Promise.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Photography Update ...

Still Life Pictures


Keys ...


My Dumb K750i Which is Under Repair Now.... Miss it... Sigh...

Rabbits from Bambi ^_^

The Trip To The Irish Pub with DBF2B01

^_^ Oh The Feeling of Stepping into SMU for the first time.

We Should Try to Achieve this daily.

My Zonked Out Face Taken by my Girlfriend

Sun With The Stars At City Hall Spinelli.

Gee i look like my brother here.

This aint NeoPrint. This is Ikea!

Rescue the frogs from IKEA prison !!!

A Picture of Survival Camp Workshop.

Okay my camera kind of got out of my hands for a long period of time. This are the pictures taken recently by my Brother Daryl!

St Pats Stairs.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


With the mid semester test almost done and a whole lot of e-learning assignments not done, i am getting myself in a very bad fix.

Yes, yes i still have a EPI portfolio and e-learning assignment to be completed by week 9 which is next week. Though i have touched abit on the portfolio, the e-learning assignment is still not done. Tissue engineering e-learning assignment is also not done yikes! With all this assignments spending some memory space in my brain, i cannot forsake my CAs for Business Law and Fundamentals of Finance Module. After this week, it is back to schooling again for another 3 weeks till the December holidays.

Alright with Survival Course having to go through a bad turnout, it was almost cancelled but thankfully due to the enthusiatic responds of my boys, it continued with a different format. Survival practical that is what that is needed to end of the course proper. I guess i will be there for the whole duration and later head over to HQ for my ULTAC course at 2pm the following day. Updates of my KID's Recreation Game, so far only Marlin and Ngee Ann Cub Scouts have replied. GOSH! The games are coming yet poor responses have been reached. Everything in the planning side have been done except the acquisition of the logistics items for the games.

Playing an inactive role for now by assisting in Youth Music Ministry. Other than that, will be attending the Youth Mentors session tomorrow. I was really happy that 3 of my mentors attended the camp as the kids in the Confirmation 3 Camp benefitted greatly on. Each with their own special talents reaching out to the Youths.
I was quite dissappointed on my part as i was not able to carry out the games proper. Glad that the kids enjoyed themselves. Overall, i would say that the camp was a success due to all the electronic de-briefing articles that i have recieved in my e-mail.

Gee all this happening with so little air to breathe. I need to cut down on my committments. Oh Jesus, help me make this decision.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Yes, i cleared it! 2nd November

It was all souls day and the time slowly passed by when i was having my warm up test. Wishes flew in giving me some form of confidence and strength. Those were the people i could not let down. Although it was a bad experience inside the circuit where Auntie Helen had a tiff with some comfort instructor. (Over a parrallel parking lot and who should have the right of way) They were furious. For myself, i was just caught in the middle. Maybe it was meant to happened? That i do not know. The minute hand started moving closer to 12 and then came 4pm.

We drove into the circuit and parked at one of our usual places. Auntie Helen asked me to pray and to relaxed outside the waiting area for it was very cold inside. It was a good choice to wait outside however tobacco smoke suddenly filled the air as though a thick layer of smog came by from wherever the source of tobacco came from.

I prayed asking the Saints and all the souls of the faithful departed to help me! At that moment adrenaline was pumping and i knew i had to control it by having a small output or some sort. I slouched and started singing to myself with my feet tapping along. I became calm and proceed on into the room for my lungs couldn't take it anymore. It was the usual same cold feeling as the first. I guess the air condition was meant to be set at a pretty low temperature. As i was going in, someone stared at me as though he wanted to make trouble but yeah i went to the back to take a seat slouching down.

It is quite cool how God actually speaks for that moment, someone was reading an article of God's love and his main reason why he created us. I had a good read prying my eyes at the corner. I would have looked very suspicious at that point of time. Thank goodness it was not a MRT train or i would have been labelled terrorist! Lol! Knowing the procedure of the first, you would really love to be distracted with someone or something esle as the noise created on purposed was meant to make you lose your confidence. Mr. Yeo was his name who went through the documents of all the practical driving testees and gave us a short briefing. The second upon calling i had route 3 which was something i was familiar with especially when Auntie Helen allowed me to practice several times on that driving route. Time came by again and soon enough i was called! It was Mr. Yeo! The same guy who was looking through the documents and who briefed us! From what i interpret from his gestures and the way he speak, he was a nice guy. Well i would not know till the time comes right? So i proceed on to my car and led the way. Not knowing there was a second driving tester! Oh Gosh! I was told to calm down and start off when i am ready.

Took the first turn into the circuit and it was directional change number 15! It was chaotic as cars were everywhere. I listened to the instructions and continue as per normal. ( I was saying Yes, Sir to every of his command and that built up more confidence) The feeling was different. It then came to the slope something which i was afraid of. Recalling Auntie Helen's words, i just pump in the acceleration and release the clutch by about close to more then 2/3s. Yes! I went on! I smelled victory! This was followed by an S Course, Vertical parking, Parallel parking and the crank course all of which i have some how mastered through the guidiance of Auntie Helen. We left the circuit and went on to the road, my forte! Lol!

It was a totally different experience altogether! I was more alert and confident. The conversations that went along the two testers were very interesting giving me chances to smile and laugh to myself! I guess the only worry i had was moving above the speed limit! That would mean immediate failure and that is not nice! Climbing up the 2 flight of steps, i was back at the same room where my previous tester failed me! I listened to his pointers and realise that were many instances that i forgot to confirm safety because i either did not turn my head to the left or front to check my blindspot. A total of 12 points! Yikes! 2 points for starting off with wrong gear. Overall 14 points with no immediate failure! Yes! Yipeee! I was so happy! Actually i am still very happy! Smses were sent and calls made! It was simply joyful!

Oh i shooked hands in gratitude and his hands were moisted by mine and he made a comment that his hands were dry! Lol! He asked if i was nervous and i said sort off! Then he commented, i saw your whole steering wheel being wet. I smiled! Lol!

Thank you God, Saints, Souls of the Faithful departed, DBF2B01, Joanne Chia (JC), Jason Ow, Kwen Chye, Mummy, Ah Kim and my dear girlfriend for always being there to support me! This is especially so for Auntie Helen! Thank you!

Now! Towards a five year plan to obtain a car!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

About 3 months ago ....

Yes, it was about 3 months ago i took my first driving test. I guess my anxiety left the Handbrake hanging and Lol! Flung my test. A total of one immediate failure and 32 points was gain.

Demoralised i was, i figure out things will not work out for i still did not know so much.

Hopefully through God's blessing, i will clear this time
... My Second Attempt ....