Saturday, June 30, 2007

Transformers the Movie

Speak about Childhood entertainment where Transformers were such a big hit. With so many types of cartoon and toys to own, it was the perfect boy's world to be in. Well, i just watch the movie today and felt that it touched not only my boyish imagination but also gave me great virtues to live on as a man. I think the movie would entertain all audiences and that includes girls and women as well. Its no wonder new paper gave it a rating of 4.5.

Lesson Learn
With sacrifices for others, comes success.

Sounds similar to Christ sacrifice for us thus came the world's salvation.

Cheers to the Auto bots & Optimus Prime.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Its an Interesting Day With God in my Life...

There are three segments today.

The Malaysian Durians, Fitness First at the Grand Cathay and OLPS Farewell Surprise party for Susan.

What a way to start of the day with Some Durians I thought to myself as this guy came over and said that he was selling durians door to door. Looking at today's society its very interesting to find a door to door salesman in durians. Anyway, he told me that the price quotation was for every 1kg, it was 6 dollars. Thinking that hey that was a good offer, i decided to try it out. He came back 20 minutes later with durians and started cutting. He stopped at 3 and i was puzzled. That dosent look like 1 or 2 kg (I wanted 3kg worth). I asked why he stopped and why he aint adding anymore, then he said are you sure. Base on this que, i asked him to weight. GOODNESS it weight 8.5kg. For three pieces. I was like GOSH!! Total price was 51 Bucks. I ask him to hold on and scurried to the phone giving my mum a ring. LOL! She warned me about this and i was foolish enough to go with the flow. Well, i didnt have that much cash with me and i was not really clear of the terms of the trade. 40 Bucks and that was it. Settled.

As i was washing up for the next segment, it appeared to me that when i get close to 21, all this life skills would come in handy. Thank God for it i guess. I went to Fitness First on the account that i got recommended to try from JC. (Gee she didn't even told me) But well went ahead and had a fitness review. The staffs were friendly and i got further introduced to Joe and Farid. It was interesting as to what kind of services Gyms offer this days. I was amazed. Well with regards to my fitness review,

I got Fats at 13.3% which is 8.3kg i suppose
And 53.9kg of Muscles
In which i fall into the 14- 20% Range of Good
Yea!! Feel so fit and alive.

Frankly speaking, i was thinking of joining the gym to try out. But in terms of finances, it can be really bad on my financial health. Just imaging about 130 bucks per month for Student Membership. Well, i have to see about that. After that i left the place heading to the new gramophone. It was an experience and i just have to mentioned that every single time i enter gramophone, it feels refreshing. Each having its own individual style. So after having my rounds at the DVDs and CDs i left the complex only to find Rachel at the entrance. Its been so long since i seen her! Well, we talk for a while and went ahead with our own plans. I have no idea why but i was just beaming with smiles after that short conversation. (I ain't suggesting anything. Just felt happy to be in contact with an old friend. Someone who played a very important role in my life)

Last but not the least OLPS. I met up with Bryan first of all and have a try with his condominium's gym facilities. Well i was really not a fan of Gym until today. So i tried some strength training and yeah quite satisfied i guess. After Simei, we headed to OLPS for the Surprise Farewell Party in which Susan was really caught surprised. I was moody in a sense mainly because i have visited the Blessed Sacrament and spoken to Him about my problems and that through out the whole course of the party, i was reminded about my time with Stefanie. (Its the feeling like only when someone mentioned you get all moody about it.) I really don't know. Oh well will be seeing her tomorrow with regards to a Girl Guides Singapore 2007 Carnival at the Escape Field in Orchard. Hopefully i will be able to go down early tomorrow. Hmm, have a whole day pack with activities. As with regards to Susan, Bon Voyage and enjoy your trip. ^__^ You will always be in our prays. Thanks so much for everything. Especially car rides. (Deserves special mentioned cause she thought everyone forgot about it)

Friday, June 22, 2007


I cant believe i wasted 1 hr and 30 Minutes on a Sudoku Puzzle and not having to break it. That was a very demoralizing moment. Taking it into consideration its the 4th level of difficulty out of 5. (I have never solve a sudoku puzzle before. You can ask JC on that.)

So deciding to build my confidence, i decided to go ahead and do a difficult one which is one level down. My my, finished it within 30mins i think. LOL! At least i ain't a no brain-er when it comes to mathematical puzzles. ^_^

Hmm gee, no mood to study the whole day. Hope this Sudoku puzzle can help me at least.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

CHIJ 2007 Annual Campfire

The sound systems were there. The emcees were outspoken and entertaining. The audience were not only intrigue with the flow of the campfire program, they were supportive and enthusiastic.

Hmm the only flaw that was seen was the focus. The campfire pit or the stage performances. Otherwise it would be a very enjoyable and Scout/Guide campfire.

Nevertheless, the long period of planning and execution paid off.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Long Awaited Class Outing

Finally, a class outing on the 15th of June. Its been close to two years since we had one huh?
Well, it was fun and enjoyable i guess with a little splitting headache closing at the end. Lol!

Well Updates.

Food prepared by Siti!!!

Soccer 2v2 Challenge. Hmm need to play more ball!!

JX1 and Patty!!

Patty and Sin Ling Gal Gal!!

Conversation? Forgot what i was talking ... HmmZz

I look China Chinese Here.. hmmZz

Pai Kia!

Trio ^_^

Di Di and Patty ^_^

Siti and Sandy Wong (super)

Patty and DiDi yet again..

Class Rep/ Satay Man by Nite !! Kidding ..

Belongings brought in after a passing cloud of rain drew by.

Siti, Super, Gal Gal and Alice-San

Rainbow to greet our evening.

Sekky who declared that he was *ahem*

Gathering around the pit. ^_^ How fun.

Class Rep and Vice Class Rep.

Great Looking Clouds along with breezy wind.

BBQ without margarine. It works yeah!!

The Other Half ^_^

Lowelle and kissing the Chicken.

JX1, Alice-San, Rishi with our PTN Mrs. Pansy Tam !!

KJ, Lowelle and Alice-San

I seemed cranky here. Gee didnt have opportunity to cook until much later. Then again i wasn't a good cooked. Yikes. (Long Time No Outdoor Cooking)

Me getting cranky after that stupid headache.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Is it true that if you loose momentum for something, the feeling for that particular goal vanishes and becomes a second priority to those whom which you are pursuing currently. That was something i questioned myself today. In a uniform that was really plain, seated at the back of the NRC AGM, i just had to pop that question to myself as i am no where near where i sat out for my Woodbadge Beads as well as the Baden Powell Award. It amazes me to see some enthusiastic Rovers wanting to take up positions in the NRC. Especially those who are just merely there for the sake of trying it out. This speaks about how serious some people are towards the NRC. I for my part wish to play a second role in this whole National Rover _________.

Hmmz using IST as the first report for my International Requirement of the Woodbadge, i have to ensure i get it done right. Oh yes, i also cannot forget my NYAA Gold reports. Oh goodness. They are so way overdue. Hmm! I really need to straightened out my life.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Winding Up of RLS Limited .......

8th May 2005 - 4th June 2007

Campfire at Damai, Dinner at Seoul Garden, Christmas with Her Sisters, Camp Challenge Qualifiers, KID's Games.................

Lunches and Dinner at Cafe Cartel, Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao , Fish & Co, Din Tai Fung, Olio Dome, Coffee and Toast, The Pattissier, Xin Yuan Ji, Pizza Hut, Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Starbucks, Cheesecake Cafe, Bakerzin............

Baby Sitting at Lentor, a Sunflower and 2 Orange Roses, Learned basic Design, Carte Blanche Card, Sentosa with Great Friends, Motivating one another, tons of postcards, an Aerosmith Video ' I don't want to miss a thing', Henri Cartier- Bresson, Question Mark exhibition, Pumping Fuel, Roller Blading, Cycling, Kite Flying, All The Best - Stu Exhibition, Shopping at Isetan, Mini Toon Candies, Hand made gifts .............

Catching Dreamgirls, Hard Candy, Big Momma House 2, Jasmine Women, Mission Impossible 3, The Holiday, 3 Needles, Devil Wears Prada, Wallace & Gromit, Memoirs of a Geisha, Ice Age 2 .......

Sharing 2 Christmas, Barbeque at Bedok Ria, Sharing moments with the Djie's, going to the Zoo, Canon and Nikon rivalry, Film Vs Digital, The Critiques, Darkroom and Studio Shoots......

The list is endless,
Amazing memories and thoughts shared on the views of our lives........... All this can never ever be forgotten. Thank you.

By the blazing council fire’s light
We have met in comradeship tonight

Round about the whispering trees
Guard our golden memories
And so before we close our eyes in sleep
Let us pledge each other that we’ll keep

Scouting Guides friendship strong and deep
‘Til We Meet Again

Friday, June 01, 2007


Feeling emotional, teary, lost and lonely.

Oh Well...

HmmZz More Research ...

More Research Done Unknowingly.

Roman Catholic/Eastern Catholic

Light of Christ Parvuli Dei Ad Altare Dei Light Is Life Pope Pius XII Saint George


God and Me God and Family God and Church God and Life God and Service


Bismillah In the Name of God Allaho Akber


Metta Sangha Bodhi


Dharma Karma

This are the medals awarded to Boy Scouts of America who actively participate in their Religious activities. There are much more religions out there so I will just be highlighting the main faiths and beliefs in Singapore. I guess this is one suggestion for our Association.