Monday, March 31, 2008

The Lost of a Good Companion

He was a good companion. Always assisting me in photo shooting as well as relaying information, it felt terrible to lose someone of that capability.

When i was bored, he would entertain me with his music and simplistic games. It was a premature accident for him to drown in the depths of CAYC.

Goodbye K750i ......

Should all acquaintance be forgot..............

At the same time lets try to welcome my new companion who would stay with me during my Army trainings as well.

Mr Nokia 1200

Will blog about Con1 Camp another time.

Meanwhile thank you Sunday 10.15am class as well as Jeremiah. Cheerios to Nicole, Grace, Su- Zann, Valerie, Howard, Stanley, Evan and Javier.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Post - Diploma Studies

I can't believe even as i am out of school as of now, i am still tied down. I am tired with many commitments urging for attention. Thank goodness the mentor session for today went well and smooth.

The Con 1 camp is coming soon and gee everything is still not settled. Think i am not capable as of now to be a level representative. Sigh!

The AFP examinations is coming by on the 5th of April and i am not even ready for it. How am i to study for the coming examinations. Argghhhh! All I can do now is to pray and live day by day with God's grace.

Being an IRAS staff in the future? Look further!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Another Chapter Another Phase....

It was a short and valuable experience.

In which i have learned to develop patience, love and kindness.

Have a blessed journey in your life and be the strongest woman you can ever be. ^_^

Thanks for wanting to be a friend and a Sakae Sushi Ambassador. LOL~!

With Love,
Rey ^_^

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dinner and Dance with Mambo

The night was enthralled by the good performance laid out by the emcee as well as the choice of music played at Mambo.

A pleasant night with many memories to keep. A night where there was no knowledge of my friends within the same vicinity. A night where i need to start doing something to help. ^__^

Thanks Jun Xian, Mark and Patricia for clubbing all night long!! ^_^

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Its finally over! At least for this week. Sigh! My room is in a mess. Have not caught up with my shows and readings. If only i could just make tonic soup out of my papers so that i can quickly absorb all my notes. LOL!

Its a new week with Dinner and Dance at Grand Copthorne and Easter Vigil at OLPS!
Oh yes, will be applying for admission to SMU some time this week. I have already done so for NUS. Hmm.... ponders*

Saturday, March 08, 2008



Dying soon. Lol~! It appears that my commitments are all demanding of me this week. It will not be a pleasant weekend yeah.

So now that the patricians are all into their adventure camps and that the holidays are coming. Thank God there is a standstill in their activities. This however does not stop other scouting functions which i have so nicely opt out from otherwise i would be dead.

The IRAS training for my Temp Job is draining. Its like a whole different field with an element of Financial Planning. I would love to say that this Temp Job may grant me a better insight into taxation. This of course is in line with my Associate Financial Planner course. Its seriously draining having to squeeze that much content in the course of one week. Not to forgot i have a Jap class later today. Sigh~~!!!

Hope i will be able to squeeze some time to drop by SMU later today with SY. ^_^ Cheerios