Friday, June 30, 2006

Trashed !!! Lol!!

Argg! I lost to my darling in a friendly match of 10 minutes of football! The score was Stefanie 10- Rey 7! Oh no! Never mind, there will be a rematch and this time i will try my best to win! Heh heh!

Anyway, today has been a rather stressful day beginning school at 9am. There was so much research and work to be written during the day. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one project which i feel can be linked to ECM for combined project instead of wasting resources on two. Either way, the projects are really draining.

So to relaxed from that hard morning, I went to the School of Business (SB) foyer to check out the games for MoneySense a roadshow to give awareness to us business students on money management. I played one round and found out that it was actually quite interesting and that i did not want to try again because of this difficult dart game.

Nevertheless, i tried again after lecture because Zun Kit was bound on becoming the top for the games. Anyway, i scored a final 515 and was satisfied. Although at the end of the day i was defeated by a 700+, i learned alot. Lol! Along with the score came a $5 KFC voucher which would expire today. How nonsensical! Anyway, i got back my ECM online assignment for Securities and my team clinch an 87/100 for it. I was happy yet guilthy as i was not able to contribute to that. The only contribution was the work before the report got revamped.

After that went for Macroeconomics Analysis and wow to my amazement, i had some problem with the quiz because i thought my answers were wrong. Anyway i trusted in God's strength and went ahead in submitting my answers. It was full marks! Thank you father.

In the evening, both Sophia and I headed to Guanyang Secondary School. She had to undertake counselling and I had to be trained by Mr. Roger Lee. Student Mentoring Academic Relations Team as known as SMART. When i finally understood the name, i was delighted to know that this ambassador membership was also to becoming a counsellor for 'O' Level students. I guess God has plans for everyone and for him to throw me this opportunity, it will be terrible not to take it up. ^_-!!

Signing off

P.S. Darling! I will get even with you on soccer! Lol!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Youth Mentors (Re-Construction)

The mentor sessions would now be revamped with more of a community base approach for our Church. ^_^ Well, with great leaders around to steer the Ministry towards a direction, [With no Spiritual Director sadly=( ] may our faith and commitment to one another and God strengthened this community of mentors for the greater good of OLPS Youth Ministry.

Today's first session was, how should i say last minute. The outline of what is to happened has been done. This however was not sufficient as i was not sure on what to pray for or what to make for the teaching points. ^_^ It is through God's grace definitely. Like what Teresa mentioned, our Father would lead the way for us as long as we have faith in him. ^_^ I was happy and thankful for this was my first time conducting a session together with the aid of Remus and Brother Terence for Youth Mentors. Thank you Father and my fellow brothers and sisters!

Exalted Sonic Thomas Jude

Monday, June 26, 2006

Belated Con 2 Pictures

Hmmz, this are some of the pictures taken at Confirmation 2 camp at CAYC during the 16th - 18th of June 2006.

Featuring Ho Rey's Monkeys!!

Gab's Confirmation 2 3pm Class!!
Next group of pictures are night shots taken during the Rosary ^_^. Be thrilled by the lighting ^_^.

Rosary 1 ^_^

Rosary 2 ^_^

Rosary 3 ^_^

Rosary 4 ^_^

Monkey Sandwich under the influence of the 4 Gospel cornetto ice creams ^_^

Stringing the fork through all of us ^_^ yea !!

My Clan's Banner ^_^

Group Picture of the Confirmation 2 camp ^_^!!

Enjoyed it very much. Although it was my first time facilitating alone, i did pull myself together and allow God to work in me towards the kids. I did learn alot and am a better man in terms of spirituality and cathecism after this camp i guess. ^_^

Friday, June 23, 2006

A Shocking Revelation

Sigh! Something which i had failed to observed. How careless was I to not know this. I may be forgiven by God through the Sacrament of Reconciliation but what about those who are not in the faith. Its as good as sinning in an indirect manner. Looks like i need to straigthened things up.

Well a pretentious "refreshed" look for the blog.
I still don't think its customised enough. Hmm..

Exalted Sonic

World Cup Fever !!!!

It seems like everywhere is football craze and my favourite country the italians had hit top of the score board with seven points woohoo!! *Mad* Anyway, this current tournament is a slight distraction from what is really happening in my life now. May undergo downgrading in the next few months. That would mean going down from 5 room to 3 room flat. Life would be much more thrifty and I as a son must try to contribute.

With regards to school, only a handful know of my situation and I do not intend to let the whole world know (unless of course they found out about it). The China Study Trip which i had considered when Mrs. June Lin announce may dashed away into thin air. Remember that particular period with 10 days of camping? The repercussion effects are drawing in with myself losing participation marks for failing to attempt the questions during e-learning week. *Sigh* Seems like my dream of a GPA 3.7 may slowly dissapate away with my current committments.

Scouting and the Church
I have just submitted my application for my Assitant Scout Leader warrant to the Singapore Scout Association. All i have to do now is wait and hopefully it gets approved. Besides that Daryl and I would be managing a team of Scouts for the coming National Pioneering and Scout Craft competition. I really want to win big for my Troop. =) Anyway, it seems like my Spiritual life is facing some rocky shores where there may be slight showers with thunder. Thank goodness my sail is still in working condition. Imagine a life without God. It feels like one has been shun to the dark alley where only the forsaken thrive.

Other then all that i have mentioned, i have been trying to live my last week of holidays to the maximum. I am rather sad it has to come to an end. Oh well semester 1 term 2 bring it on. ^_^

The Exalted Sonic

Monday, June 12, 2006

The next Crisis...

Woke up today daydreaming as its been ten days since i had proper sleep. I went to watch the two current episodes of Bleach. Afterwhich i went down to have lunch with my younger brother. It appears that he may wish to start courting on one girl in his school. Lol! How romantic. Anyway he told me about the bad news that my mum may be retrench soon.

Meanwhile, Marcus called me out and told me that the Camp Jeremiah gang has met up in Far East Plaza. I was late because i thought i was suppose to be present at 5pm. I went home to do a quick change and took service 124 to Far East. It appears that the environment i share with this friends of mine are slightly different than it was at CAYC. There are so many sides to these friends of mine and they appear to be happening yet having high church commitment. Oh well, when i was walking around with the gang to assist Kelynn in finding her presentation clothes, i met up with two of my Ex Catholic Junior College first two months friends Alex and Yansheng. What a coincidence! So the day ended with my having to bow to Kelynn each day she exclaim my name. Lol!

So after enjoyment comes crisis? Sigh, it is coming and I need my darling. RLS!!...

My friend has just broken up with her boyfriend and she is in a terrible state. My mum may get retrench after tomorrow. I am worried and lost and wonder how can i assist them. Sigh! Help my Lord. Its all in your plan.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

10 Days of Sheer Enjoyment?

Wow! What can i say, i have survived ten days of madness and fun and that would not be possible with God i personally feel. Shall i begin the summaries?

ULTBC (Unit Leader Training Basic Course) 2006 1st Intake
Banderlog patrol with Hamidah, Fong Yee, Naz, Chong Woon, Si Jie, Mike and I roughing out with other camp participants in Sarimbun Campsite. I guess it was because of the other International Scouts from the Course for Assitant Leader Trainer, we were given special treatment lol. I guess the main highlights of the camp would be the meals, camp development, outdoor cooking, campfire and ballista. As most of the skills are learned during my scouting years, i took the camp as a refresher course. Outdoor cooking was great because we monkeys did a well cooked chicken. ^_^ Campfire was always an important scouting activity for me as i personally feel that it is through such campfires do socialising take place. This is with accordance to Scout Law 3. Ballista was something new for me as i have never really created a propper ballista before. It was fun and entertaining with 3 big teams flinging water bombs as far as they could. My overall experience was great!!!

PLTC (Patrol Leaders Training Camp) 2006
My presence there was to ensure standards were kept and that those assisting the camp abide to the Scouting standards. It was a long time since i actually implement my methods of training Scouts for urgency. Other then that, PLTC brought back some vivid memories of my past.
This was a camp i did not fully participate as i was not there to see it to the end due to my other priorities and commitments.

Sec Two PLTC Participants

Camp Jeremiah by CAYC
We came from the diocese of Singapore as strangers with seventeen of us, (eleven boys and six girls) to interact with Acts 29. It was a camp of socialising among ourselves and to our beloved Father in heaven. There was praise and worship ( Something i do not really like participating but i like singing), alot of heart felt sharing among ourselves, competitive games where we rough it out in captain's ball; a variation of dog & bone and Nat's game and mission work where we learned to interact with people who needed help in our society. In all this activities, we as camp jeremiah participants took up this activities with enthusiasm just like prophet jeremiah. There was alot of love going around with the gift of our Holy Spirit working within us. At the day of the youths workshop during the barberque night, we could not bare to leave one another. It was unlike other camps i have ever experience.

Oh before i forget, there was a celebration of the blessed sacrament by Father Fred and i was filled with great happiness and joy upon seeing Jesus. It was as though i had not seen him a long time as i did not went to church the week when i was attending ULTBC. Anyway, i was glad to had made friends with so many Christian leaders in Singapore. As what Jonathan Eu had said, "It was as though God only wanted 17 people to come together to this camp." This is all in God's plan huh. ^_^ The seventeen of us are: Kelynn, Gwendolyn, Yvonne, Sheila, Bebe, Cassandra, Gabriel, Ignatius, Joavan, Bradley, Joshua, Randall, Zachary, Mark, Jonathan, Marcus and I.

Altar of Camp Jeremiah ^_^

Bebe, Yvonne and Cassandra

Camp Jeremiah Girls

Camp Jeremiah Soccer Buddies

Acts 29 ^_^

Father Frederick Youth Chaplain ^_^

Iggy & Joavan

Yvonne ^_^

SALT Members ^_^

St. Bernadette's Bebe and Cassandra

Bradley and Johnny ^_^

Zachary ^_^

Natalie and Mark ^_^

Joshua and Randall

Camp Jeremiah Gang ^_^

Camp Jeremiah Gang 2 ^_^

Confirmation 4 Retreat
It was a one day event for me as i was not able to assist through out the entire retreat because of the CAYC youth workshop. This group of soon to be confirmands gave me a deep impression that they are ready to receive the strength of the Holy Spirit to bare witness to the life of Christ. It can be seen very clearly through their attitudes. I was happy for them and at the same time reminiscence my Baptism and Confirmation journey.
During the 6pm mass, i was touched by the Holy Spirit and my soul was yearning for the Eucharist. It was never brought to this situation before except on the day of my baptism. Lord Jesus Loves all of us!! ^_^

Part of Con 4 ^_^

Con4 Paticipants at St. Stephen's